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Hey guys! its been a while sine i've updated! i started school back in August and it is just crazy! i never have time to get on TCS anymore! i feel like i'm abandoning you all! lol.

well anywyas, the kittens are 5 weeks old now and most of them are eating. one of them isnt yet (a slow developer i guess ). and they are starting to use the litter box. there are little accadents every now and then but its always in the same spot so i put the litter box over there and they are doing good. i let tem run around my living room for a few hours every day and they love it! they are climbing up the couch now and they love to snuggle! i already have 4 possible homes for the kittens out of 6 so that is good!

Buddha and Habusaki just love playing and wrestling (supervised by Kitty and I) with the kittens. they love plying in shoe boxes and hiding out in my book bag. i hope i can get pictures soon but i am just horrible about getting them developed!
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Awww mine are 5 week's old aswell now there all eating , may i ask u something does ur mamma cat still pay attention to them ? mine hardly want's to be in there with them and she will only allow them to feed maybe once a day , and also did u manage to change ur mum's mind about the kitten's going to early ?
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Kitty is tolerant of them. she doesnt like to be near them 24/7 like she used to but she lets them feed and she cleans them a time or 2 a day.

my mom is fine with keeping them until they find homes. i already have homes for 4 of them so that took alot of stress off of her. she loves the kittens so much. the other day, i walked into the living room and my mom was laying on the floor asleep and all of the kittens were curled up around her sleeping. it was so funny and cute! lol.
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Aww that's great new's will you be keeping 1 or are you gonna find home's for all of them?
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Awww...Mine are 3 weeks old. 2 will lap formula from a plate and 1 will lick wet food already! They can walk around pretty quick and are learning to play with stuff, one even followed a laser pointer around the room. They aren't quite to the stage where they hiss a poof up yet. I'm looking forward to that because it's soooo cute! Do yours do that yet?
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our's from 2 week's old if they got startled by mum or me they would give off a hissy fit lol they don't anymore they just run lol
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Sounds like you and your mom are doing a great job in getting the kittens accclimated to humans and other animals. That will help a lot when they are adopted out.

This age is so much fun. I love when they first explore, and how easily their minds are distracted. We've had kittens who would start to scratch themselves, get distracted, then turn back to see this back foot moving in the air and wonder what the heck is going on?

Good luck in school, too.
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Heehee! That's cute! They certainly do the craziest things!
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yeah mine do the poof up thing too. lol. my dog ran in the house and scares the bejeezes out of one of the kittens and he did the haloween poof up thing and started spitting and hissing. lol. it was so cute. they try ti be so fierce but they are so cute!

i get to keep one kitten and Kitty so i am seeing which ones get homes and i'm going to keep one that we cant get a home for. i'll probably stick with Buddha unless one of my good friends (i'll only let good friends) take him. but yeah it'll probably be buddha. my sister is going thru some kind of treatment right now and she cant have a cat while she does it (its long and hard to explain) but she'll probably be keeping one.

my friend came over today to look at the kitten she wants and she is absolutly in LOVE with the kitten she picked out.
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