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What I just saw....

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As most of you know, I went to the cat shop today, and brought home some new toys for the boys. Well... I just saw the shopping bag with a black streak attached freak out and run around my apartment. All is well, I was able to calm down the black streak, remove the shopping bag from around his neck, and give him cuddles.

Poor Scratch...
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What a silly boy!

Are you ok now Scratch??

Diesel and Portia do exactly the same thing!
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He wanted to see if he had any more toys in the bag.Silly kitty!!!
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It was rather funny seeing a shopping bag dancing around my apartment. 8-Bit growled at it after I was able to get it off Scratch. It was kind of cute.
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Oh silly cat!
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Sounds familiar!
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That happens ALOT around here, LOL
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I thought I had the nosiest cat in the world!!! Poor Scratch! LuckyGirl does the same thing, but she fully knows she's playing and how to get out of it. She will put her head through the handles and bunny kick the rest of the bad so it makes a ton of noise! Her favortie time is when I go grocery shopping, she has to go, stand up and root through each & every bag! (whaddaya got in here fur me meowmy????)
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lol....my little Abilene does the same thing! Poor Scratch!
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Nedicks did this once and I completely FREAKED. I think I was more stressed out than she was!

Silly Scratch!
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