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OMG Kirra had i think a seziure

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OK i called the ER vet already so dont worry, its like almost 100 for a visit so they told me what to do , if she has another we will take her ASAP or if she seems to get worse, but other wise we are waiting to take her to her normal vet tomorrow morn.

Here is what happened, i know someone of you have kitties with seziures so i am hoping you can say something. hubby was playing with her with her new stick/string toy, they had been playing for a good 10-15 mins and suddenly she was on all four nose to the floor shaking, he was like hun whats wrong with kirra, i went over, her back was to me so at first i thought she was nawing her paw, her nose was near it, i got closer and it looked like she was chewing rappidly, i thought maybe she had gotten a piece of the ribbons in the stick. But when i put my finger in her mouth to look she kept chewing fast, from reading here it dawned on me she was having a seziure. She calmed after less than a min and was drooling and a bit out of it. But now she is back to semi normal (wanting to play again) we are keeping her calm. We had planned to goto a friends tonight but changed that so they come here so we can watch her. I will call her vet in the morn for an appt but mean while if she has another we will take her asap or if she suddenly seems "sick". I am so shakin though, even my husband is a bit worried, he has never seen a non-human have a seziure. Thats our baby, she is no different than the kids, of course my 6 year old was witness to that and is all freaking out. But i mean could it have been from playing? i have never played with her for more than 5-10 mins at one time.
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Our cornish rex Bijou had one of these a couple of months ago. It scared us to death. We were all laying in bed when all of the sudden she jumped straight up and started thrashing around. We thought at first she was playing some weird game but we soon realized she was having a seizure. She was drooling too. We called the vet and he told me the same thing yours did. Watch her, and call if she has another seizure. He said that cats and dogs can have seizures sometimes for really no known reason. Does your kitty seem tired? Bijou was. I suffer from seizures myself, and it takes alot out of you because all of your muscles are contracting. After I have a seizure, I usually sleep pretty heavy....I think it's my bodys way of recovering. I would just watch her and if she has another call the vet ASAP.
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yeah she is passed out on the couch right now. her breathing is finally slowing down to normal, she will open her eyes occasionally when my kids make a sudden noise but other wise she wants to sleep. she is walking alot better though than she was right after. 5 mins after the seizure she was walking odd i was worried she had damage, 10 mins she was up normal but breathing fast, by 15 mins later she wanted to play with her stick again and i had to put it out of sight lol. now she just wants to sleep. i think i will take advantage of her though, we got her soft claws today and since she is so sleepy right now i think i will use this time to do the claws, or should i wait lol
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Is it possible she got into any household cleaners? Something might have gotten on her fur and she licked it off.
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I'll bet she IS tired now. Bijou slept for hours and hours. If it were me I would go ahead and do the soft claws, I don't see how it could hurt. I wish I had been smart enough to make use of that time and do Bijou's while I had the chance...but I waited and had to wrestle her down later!
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Has she been eating wet food and drinking plenty?
It is possible if she was a bit dehydrated that could have brought on a seizure.
Sometimes ya just never know why.
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Nope she didnt get in to cleaners, was hydrated plenty, eats like a pig. we had been home about 30 mins before hub was playing with her (she came with me to the pet store so i could get the right size soft paws). she is still sleepy. we are keeping a close eye. no matter what she will go see the vet tomorrow so. but i dont think i will be sleeping tonight lol.
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My dog has had epilepsy for most of his life. At first he started out have a seizure a few times a year to once a week or so. He is medicated daily through a pill, but other than that he is fine. He is 11 years old and healthy otherwise. I don't know for sure if cats can get epilepsy, I'm assuming so. I just wanted to shed light on another cause of seizures and to show you that if it is something like epilepsy it's nothing to be too worried about.
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I would not be able to wait until tomorrow....
I hope that Kirra is OK.
Please keep us updated.
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ok getting ready to leave for the vet, they wanna see her at 9am. she has done good all night (at least till i slept no clue after that) she has been very clingy and drooling alot(very odd for her, both actions) but on a good note we got her soft paws on, she is so cute in green.
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The drooling is very strange....Hope the vet appointment goes well. Keep us posted.
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Yes...please let us know how Kirra's appointment went.
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Well we are back and no closer to knowing. They did the aids/luke test, negative, so next step is a cbc smack but the vet said most people wait on that if the cat has only had one seizure. So we play the waiting game now. Because she pees so much and drinks alot he said if she has another that his concern will be kindey problems. They also didnt wanna tramatize her anymore for the day. Her veins are very tough and they had to stick her 3 times just to get a few drops for the test. They said to hold off on all shots for a few months (she is strictly indoor no other animals cept for our rats) she is due for rabies and boosters but they dont want us adding any new factors till we are sure she isnt gonna have another seizure or if she does we know why. they said to play with her like normal, if she has another seizure to note what occured.

she does weight 5 1/2 pounds though lol, she is only 4months, he said she is a big kitty but not overweight by any means lol.

i am still a nervous wreck, but it was nice to finally have a non shelter kitty come back negative, all my non shelters have always been pos for aids/luk
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Hopefully it will all turn out well. Bijou has very tough veins too. She has actually broken needles which is very hard to believe. What did they say about the drooling?
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Originally Posted by Bijou's Mom View Post
Hopefully it will all turn out well. Bijou has very tough veins too. She has actually broken needles which is very hard to believe. What did they say about the drooling?
the vet thinks the drooling is just residule(i think thats the word) from the seizure and she may wind up being a drooler the rest of her life. today she has only done it off and on, he said she could stop suddenly, but he thinks its just "left over" from the seizure and well if thats the worst that happened i can live with that
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I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you. Let us know!
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Oh I hope sweet Kirra will be alright.
I'm sending lots of happy, calming vibes to both of you .
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