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I've got a little model coming home!

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Eileen sent me some pics of Ginger and said that she likes to pose. I think she's starting to get a big head with everyone saying how pretty she is! But that's OK, because she's going to be a spoiled little girl for the rest of her life.

Just 4 more days and she'll be home!!!!!

I love these last two. She really looks like a kitten in these, which she is still! And she looks so relaxed, like she knows she won't have to fend for herself any more. Eileen and her cousin have really done wonders for this little girl!

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Heidi - she is beautiful!!

4 days?! I bet you are really excited, I know I would be! :
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And the countdown begins!!! I would be freaking out!!! Shes a doll
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Ginger is gorgeous ...... What beautiful markings she has!
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I would be having a hard time waiting, good for you for taking her in.
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Look at that gorgeous little cherub It's so lovely to know that she'll have a loving home for the rest of her life
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Can I be your beautiful kitty's agent?
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Ginger has grown into a real beauty Heidi.
Her face shows so much expression and her colors....wonderful.
I know that you can hardly to hold her this precious girl in your arms.
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Heidi, I'd be beside myself with excitement! She's such a lovely girl!
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Awwwww I just love your little spotted nose Ginger!!! You are so pretty!!! And tell mewomy, its alright for your head to be big... just as long as you can still lift it off the floor... you'll be just fine....
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She is just gorgeous!! She is a little model isn't she!!
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she's such a gorgeous girl!
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She has certainly blossomed since being taken in! What a gorgeous girl!
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very nice looking kitty!!!
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What a gorgeous little model you are Ginger!
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Ginger is such a perfect name for her! She reminds me of the Ginger on Gilligan's island -- beautiful and she knows it!
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aww she IS pretty! Bet you just can't wait!
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*grin* Thanks everyone! I think she's pretty, too. And she'll be in her forever home on FRIDAY!!!
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Awwwwwwwww YES!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
That is such a gorgeous shot! She is beautiful Heidi . Gonna give Trent and Ophelia a run for their money .
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There's our girl! Gorgeous as ever!!
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