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Good news about the changing table

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Thought i'd let those of you who were helping me out with my problem of the changing table from e-bay, know that I think it may be solved!!!
I got an e-mail from them is a copy of it...


I have just received word from the manufacturer that we were going to ship the changer from and he is now saying that this changer is out of stock. I apologize again for this inconvenience and would like to offer you another changer as a replacement. This is the Glencoe model and is made by Generation 2 Worldwide. I have pasted a picture of this changer so that you can will see what I am offering. Please let me know if you would like this as a replacement for the changer that you ordered. Thanks and let me know if you have any questions!

The picture looked like a very nice changer, so even though it doesn't exactly match the crib, which the other one did, I think it is close enough, and I would rather go that route, than not have any at I told them to go ahead and ship it!!!

This is one less thing I have to worry about now!

Thanks for all the advice you all gave me!!
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Congratulations, Debby!

Is the alternate changer comparatively priced? Should they be owing you money back or is it a "free upgrade"?

I'm glad to hear they're (finally) trying to resolve it.

Keep us posted.

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That is good news!
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That is good news but.....kind of makes you wonder about their "we're having trouble with the shipping company" story when it all boiled down to a manufacturing error ( all fairness they are one and the same?). Hope this is not something they've come up with to quiet you down for a while. Stay positive but be persistent!

Good luck!
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That is good news Debby!
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Good stinkin', freakin' gosh!!! (since I can't cuss!!!)

Now this morning there is another e-mail....


Hello! Another change to your order. I know that you are tired of this by now and I totally understand, but I think that you will like this change. We have found the exact changer that you ordered and are having this one shipped out to you. It will take 7-10 business days to receive your tracking number but we wanted to keep up our end of the sale and ship you the correct changer.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and hassle that this has become and please let me know if there is anything that I can do for you. Thanks!

Okay, fine...great....wonderful....EXCEPT....i was thinking they would be shipping the replacement changer out to me right away and i would have it in a few days. Now from the sounds of this, yes, it's great I will get the original changer I bought, but 7-10 BUSINESS days, is almost 2 weeks, and that's just to get my tracking number, so when in the heck am I actually going to get the thing?

I definitly am NOT going to have it here when ibring the baby home.

I think I will reply and ask them if they could possibly ship it out any sooner. Probably not, but I have nothing to lose by asking.
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Oh Debby...I think the "being kind and polite" time has ended or should end. It looks like they'll keep stringing you along, as long as you let them.

Tell them you'll take the replacement (if that's what you want) and that they'd better have it shipped out to you no later than monday. No excuses. They've run out of them.

Go get them!!! Enough of this email game they're playing with you (and let them know this too!!!)
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Where's it being shipped from? Maybe email them and demand in a polite way (if you have anything left in you after the stunts they have pulled) if they can ship it overnight or ship it so you can get it any sooner than 7-10 days. Is it being shipped by UPS or FedEx? They atleast owe you this, imo.
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Here's a copy of what I just sent them...

Hi. That is wondeful that I can get the original changer now...except...the 7 -10 business days to receive my tracking number....that's almost 2 weeks and I so desperately need the changer as soon as possible! I am so close to giving birth now, and so badly wanted the changer here when I brought her home. : ( Is there any way at all, since I have waited so very very long already, that it could be shipped out priority or something like that, to where I could have it in just a few days? I would be eternally grateful!!!!!!

You guys are probably as tired of hearing about this as I am tired of dealing with it. Thanks for listening helps calm me down!
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YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!! As I was just typing my reply to you all, and posting the e-mail I had just sent them about 20 minutes ago, I got new mail. I just went to check, and it was from is what it says....

More good news...your changer will be shipped today! You should receive your tracking number this afternoon. Have a great weekend!

WOW!!!! I wonder what they did to get it shipped out to me today!!!! I just got the first e-mail early this morning saying it would be 7-10 days!! Anyway...I am thrilled!!! Now maybe I can put this whole issue to rest!!!!!
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YAYYY, Debby! That is excellent news! Maybe it'll show up sooner, too!
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At this point I'll be happy if I get it anytime next week!
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Great News!!!

Maybe you should play it safe though and double check where it's being shipped to!!!!

:laughing: :laughing:

If it ends up in Apple Hill, I'll send it right to your place...promise.
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Much applause for you in your very kind persistence! I would not have made it this long. Well done!

Once you get that tracking number, I think I'd call every day if not twice a day.

Congratulations and keep going!!

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Hey Debby, you can track most tacking numbers on-line. You just go to their main web page (FedEx, Airborne, UPS, etc.) and follow the links for "tracking number." It will bring up where you can enter your tracking number. Once you've entered your tracking number it will show you where and when you package was and is currently.
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They sent the tracking number this after noon, so I will be checking on that! Thanks guys!!
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Hooray! I am so glad that persistence has paid off for you, Debby! This is one less thing you will have to stress about.
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Hurray! I would keep watching that tracking number, too. I'm glad things are working out for you. I get so mad when I hear about people getting taken advantage of, especially nice people!
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Debby you have the patience of a saint. I would have torn strips off them left right and centre by now.

It's good to know that you can prevail with good manners. Maybe I ought to take a lesson . . .

Well done!
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Thank you! According to the tracking, it should arrive on Wednesday! I am excited to get it! Now trhe only thing I don't have are the curtains I had custom made from a lady I won an auction from for the changing table ruffle. She does really good work, and she is making the curtains for me out of the Blue Jean Teddy material (which is the theme of the nursery) She would have been done by now, but she had a stroke and was in the hospital for quite awhile. I am sure she is trust worthy though, and we are keeping in touch by e-mail, so I am sure I will have them soon.
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Just thought I would let you all know....I GOT IT!!!!!

It came late this afternoon, and hubby has already put it together, so I am set!!! Yaaaaay!!!
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Yaaaayyyyyy, Debby! :disturbed
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Alright!!! Great news, Debby!!

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And just in the nick of time!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I hope it is everything you wanted it to be, and worth the trouble and wait! Would love to see your nursery- bet it is cute!
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Hi Debby,
Glad to hear that the problem got solved. Now we are only waiting for your good news about an easy delivery. So , all the best hope it´s not too warm where you live.Love Elisabeth
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I will have to take some pictures of the nursery and post them sometime!
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