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I am proud of myself

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I forgot to tell everyone I walked another mile today and Lilly reall seems to be enjoying the walks. And I got to see some wild turkeys today. Its very rare to get to see them when on foot because they have excellent hearing and will normally leave an area before you get within sight of them. But I got to see them Lilly never even noticed them. I was hoping I would get to see the hawk. There is a hawk that lives in some trees near us she or he is very pretty she's a red tail. I believe there is a pair of them. I just love living in the country and I am enjoying my morning walks now that the ticks and bugs are going away.
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Congratulations on the mile. I'm supposed to do more because of my cholesterol and just can't get the motivation.

It sounds like you had a really nice walk.
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Great job on the mile! I grew up in the country and I really miss seeing all of wildlife. Whenever I go back home to my parent's house, I always make sure that I have a pair of binoculars handy so when I walk I don't miss a thing!
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Good for you and Lilly! Yes, wild turkeys are very smart - I've seen them only from horseback. I would love to train JC to a leash because he has been disappearing for days at a time so I think it's time to keep him inside no matter how sad and depressed he becomes. I would like to make an enclosure but cant budget it in at the moment and I don't think he'd be satisfied with that anyways. Night before last, when I went searching, Andrea accompanied me and a raccoon was stalking her - what worried me was that it wouldn't run off and kept coming too close; fortunately, I whipped it with a horsewhip and instead of attacking me (they are just as likely to fight back) it ducked behind some bushes so that I could snatch Andrea up and get her back inside. And when we got to our driveway, a fox went running by with a mouse or a vole in its mouth. Isn't fun to have "Animal Planet" right where we live
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Well I pointed out to my dad where I walked to and he said it was a mile and a half. And as long as I don't walk up on a snake I am happy. I don't dislike them but I would rather not run into one.
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