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12 Year Old Male Pooping and Peeing out of box

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My 12 year old male, Jake, has recently starting pooping outside his box. He will occasionally pee outside too. A little bit of history...

I had Jake and Pooh, his sister, for 11 years when Pooh died last year. Nearly killed me. I loved that cat so much. Anyway, when Pooh died I needed something to take my mind off the pain, so I got a new kitty. Jake and Lil Mau seemed to get along just fine.

Anyway, it's a year later now and Jake has started showing some odd signs. He started getting little scabs and then scratching them raw until the fur was completely gone. Now, he's pooping and peeing outside the box. Sometimes his poops are normal, sometimes they're runny. It's usually in front of the door. He's always been a needy cat, but lately he has been even more so. I have noticed that Jake and Mau don't cuddle together or anything like Pooh and he did.

I took Jake to the vet about the scabs and was given some anti-biotics to give him. The scratching and scabs seem to be going away, but the bathroom behaviour is just getting unbearable. I have NO idea what to do. I am a student on a VERY fixed income. When I got my cats, I had a job and money wasn't a worry. Now, I really can't afford to be taking my cats to the vet for every little thing. I KNOW there are others out there in my situation who can relate.

I haven't changed anything regarding his litter. It's the same litter I've used for years, the same box. I don't want to put him down... but I am getting to the point where I have no choice. I can't afford to spend a lot of money only to be told that he's sick and going to die anyway.

Any suggestions? I'm at my wits end....

Thank you!!
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What other signs or symptoms do you see? Is he losing weight? Is he lethargic? How does his coat look and feel? Is he eating and/or drinking more or less than normal? Is he urinating more frequently and/or in larger quantities? Often times changes in litter box behaviour signal a health problem. Please give us more information so we can try to help. Please don't put your cat to sleep for something like this. That is not fair at all.
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Hi... thanks for responding...

Actually, the vet said that, aside from his scabby fur, he looked to be in good health. They didn't run any bloodwork or anything yet...

Now, I've had this cat since it was a kitten.... 12 years... to me, his fur seems a little thinner, he looks thinner too. Behaviourally (sp?), he's always been a fairly laid back cat. Just a coooool dude... ya know? lol... He doesn't seem to be eating any more or any less than normal. I do notice he barfs a lot... but he's always been like that. He's always been a cuddler, but now it's verging on the obessive cuddler. Every time I sit down he's on me. Granted, I am away from the house from 6:30 am until 8 pm every day... so when I get home it's always a love fest for a bit.

I honestly don't notice much else.... a little thinner, fur not so beautiful...
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try this...

1/2 cup dried lavender blossoms
1 cup dried chamomile blossoms
1/4 cup dried catnip

Use a coffee grinder to grind individual herbs until less lumpy. Mix all herbs together and store in a glass jar with a tight lid.
Sprinkle a small amount on top of litter every three days.

Basic Litter
Use unscented clumping clay litter
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Well I would definately get him in to have some bloodwork done, senior cats should have a panel done to see if there is anything to worry about. If he hasn't been tested for a UTI or crystals yet then have that done too.

Otherwise, add another litterbox and keep them clean, if he is declawed then maybe get another litter brand as some regular litters are painful on their little deformed feet. Try shredded newspaper. Buy a cat attract litter.
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My babies aren't declawed... I think it's cruel and inhumane... but that is MY opinion.

Do you guys think maybe it's a delayed grieving reaction to losing his sister? They were together for a long time...
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When you were at the vet, did you mention that he was urinating and pooping outside the box? If not, you may want to call them and ask what they think about it. If at any point he is straining, please get him to an emergency vet immediately (you can go to www.carecredit.com to find one that accepts CareCredit), because it could be life-threatening and treatable.
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He's not straining that I'm aware of... but then I never catch him in the act of pooping. I'm really wondering if it's a mental thing. THANK YOU THANK YOU for the care credit information... Problem is that I'm new to the US and really have no credit here... but we'll see what happens. I'm staying positive!!

And thank you ALL for your help and advice... just having you respond helps me with this... fellow cat lovers... I love my babies so much. They're a great source of joy in my life...especially being in a new country and not know too many people yet...
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There are low cost animal clinics in just about every state that are willing to work out a budget with owners and prices. Please look into one! They are very helpful! Also - most likely, your kitty needs blood work done to rule out kindney problems. Please do not euthanize- it is most likely not a behavior thing...it is most likely a medical thing- and if so, they are usually treated inexpensively. You sound like a good meowmy to be providing them with medical care and a loving home- please do not give up on him yet! Also cats can live well into their 20's...so he is definitely not that old- he is in the prime of his life! Good luck. Feel free to pm me if i can help you!
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Any updates on this situation?
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No update.... he's still doing it because I haven't been able to get him to a vet. I tried the whole credit route, but because I'm new to the states I have no credit history.

He's still d oing it. They're not firm stools tho now. I'm at my wits end...
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