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Pooing around house, pee in box

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What to do? My cat is pooing all around the house! She'll pee in the box, but not poo? I have 2 cats.... one box.. but its a LitterMaid... it's always clean, and i make extra sure there are no remnents 3-4 times a day! we use the littermaid litter.. the stuff made from corn cob... its pretty soft stuff... what to do? Any ideas? I'm at my witts end.
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You could try adding a second box, even though, you use a Littermaid, it might not be enough. Some cats don't like to do their pee and poo in the same box. Or could it be the litter? Have you changed brands recently? I would try a second box just to see if that solves her problem, if not, you should take her in for a check up, just to be safe.
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I've got the same situation happening. Two 9 year old male cats, they only tolerate each other, one is much more aggressive. Their environment has been consistent for 5 years, only thing that changed was that a covered litter box was introduced about 3 or four months ago. Both cats have always shared the same box.

One of them, we don't know which one, is defecating behind the box, or in corners of the finished basement. Does not seem to be a urine odor smell (yet), so may only be pooping.

The vet asked if there was new stress introduced in the house, we can't think of any unless the aggressive one is becoming even more aggressive and we don't know. The vet thought that the aggressive one may be preventing the other from using the box now.

Have bought a new enclosed litter box that we will move to a bedroom upstairs where the non-aggressive cat likes to sleep. (we think that it is the non-aggressive cat who is not using the box.)

I'm taking them both to the vet in two day's time.

As this is my first post, was wondering if you cat experts have any thoughts, suggestions????

ALSO, we've used scoopable litter which is always cleaned every day.

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OP: I second the suggestion of adding another box.

Elsinore: A lot of cats do not like hooded litter boxes.
I'd almost bet that your submissive cat is the culprit as when he uses the hooded box he cannot see enough to know if the aggressive one is stalking him.

Try using two uncovered boxes and a thorough cleaning of the soiled areas with a good enzymatic cleaner.
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Thanks Arlyn.

The reason we went to the covered boxes was that one or both of them kept missing... and we bought the biggest boxes we could find... yikes.
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Try using rubbermaid totes instead, higher sides, plus they are clear (and cheap!) so he should at least be able to see he isn't being snuck up on
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It seems like the second box has worked. both are hooded... so far so good.
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My cats dont like hooded boxes. I think the dont like the idea some one could walk up on them...
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