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How much am I going to spend??

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I am on my way out the door to a kitty supply store. I never make it out of this place under $50.00. So the question of the day is how much am I going to spend on the boys?

Oh, and when I get back... I'll post pictures of what I bought. I promise.
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I went in there yesterday and walked out with $65 worth of stuff - new cat tree/litter/toys - those boys are spoiled!

Have fun @ the store! I bet you'll spend..... $60 You want to only spend $50, but there's gonna be something there that you decide to buy last minute! ..... wait, thats me!
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Oh Gosh you sound like me, my cats are so spoiled..I'm going to guess $68 can't wait to see what u get!!!
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I'll say $58 and change I have to go today also I will have to force myself to look at the rescued kitty's I will look at every toy and ball and new stuff I don't want to buy any but I probably will And make that $63.00 and change you'll not enjoy spending Yeah right !!! I'd rather go there then to the grocery store
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Ewww!!! I love going to the store for my animals! By the time I shop for my cats, the dogs and the rabbit....and the fish (wow, I have a zoo!) I'm usually out around $70 depending on what I get. Good luck! Have Fun!!!! I love retail therapy for my pets!
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My guess is $64 and some change.
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I am really lucky when I don't spend a $100 but I love shopping so I will guess $75 Happy shopping
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$52.22 and that included a bag of food! Scratch is now carrying around a furry mouse that I got for him, and 8-Bit dragged out the feather toy and took it to his "hiding spot".

I'll post pictures soon in Fur Pics...
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I wish Tavia could play with her toys in peace she loves those furry mice. Please post pics of them playing with them
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They sound soo cute!
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