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Real LIVE webcam of a watering hole in Africa! - Page 10

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I love both of these sites! when one isn't active, the other one is! At the watering hole there's nothing much going on. At Pete's Pond there's a male ostrich strutting around and baboons grooming each other.
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I gotta get over my obsession with these webcams.... sigh....
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I have both sites open at the same time. I open the africam.com site into IE and the National Geographic one in Real Player.

Today I managed to see:

National Geographic:
- elephants including 3 young ones
- Ostriches
- 2 giraf (one was a baby)
- lots of blue guinea fowl
- 1 duck
- gazelle
- impalas
- Baboons including lots of young ones
- 1 large predator bird (maybe a hawk?)

- gazelle
- 1 large predator bird (maybe a hawk?)
- Baboons walking in the grass
- 2 ducks
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And it's taking a bath!
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That is so wicked awesome!
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There are wild boars on the now!!
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They sure are dirty!!!!!!!!!!!

They're hilarious to watch though- I love all the butt rubbing
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That baby is so cute!!!
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Awww man! I wonder what scared them away??
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This makes me want to go to Africa nad go on a Safari!
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There are about 40 elephants at the National Geographic watering hole, including lots of babies

And the cameraman was trying to zoom in on somethign that looked very like a rhino!!!!!
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Susie, that is amazing! and addictive!
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Originally Posted by SarahBeez View Post
Here is a screenshot my brother gave me the link to... http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i7...reenshot_6.png

It's of the Cheetah drinking water!!

How do you get the screenshots?
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I don't know- my brother gave me the link...

My keyboard has a 'print screen' button... maybe that's how? I've used it before but for something else- seems like it would work!
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For the National Geographic cam.... does anyone else have problems with theirs freezing up???

For about the last 3 hours mine has been on and there has been NO activity- so I finally hit refresh and it's totally different!! It's night time & there's a bird!!!!!

Am I the only one?
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Anyone watching? There's a giraffe!
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That was awesome.
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It still doesnt work for me! I guess my computer is to old or something.
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Originally Posted by clixpix View Post
Anyone watching? There's a giraffe!
I was watching then, just not on here! I'd been wanting to see one so bad! It was so funny to watch the poor guy trying to get down to drink!

I've had a bit of trouble off and on again with the national geographic cam. It's kind of irritating how it pans around all the time. Some animal will walk on for 2 seconds and then it pans the other way! I mean it's cool in a way too but frustrating! For the most part, I can only get on in the evenings, when it is night time and the camera is unmanned. Poo!
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OMG! the cutest thing on the national geographic cam! baby baboons sliding down the bank of the waterhole while their mums look on! They're adorable!
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There's LOTS of action right now!!

I can't quite tell what they are though- they resemble cows- it's pretty foggy & it's night time...

It must be hot there- they're taking a bath!
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Wow thats the most action I have ever seen there !
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Cape Buffalo!!!!!!! There's like, 500 of them!!!! It must be migrating season, what spectacular herd! ... I feel like The Croc Hunter (rest in peace, Steve) There was an elephant earlier on too
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All I can say is that after seeing these buffalo lounging around in the water, I sure am glad I don't have to drink it!
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There's a crocodile at Pete's Pond and the noise of the birds is deafening!!!

Lots of wildlife there today - warthogs, ostrich, elephants....
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I see some Zebra how neat I still have to keep checking this out I see something great everytime i check it out THANKS
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Baboons are on now!
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Awww ... the babies are so adorable.
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OMG there is a big cat of some kind at the watering hole right now!!!!!
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