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Guess where I ate dinner?

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So Steve had a concert last night (i havent been tobed but i think its offically sunday lol) and we got down there early for sound check and all, but they didnt play til midnight...so we headed out in downtown MPLS in search of food. there are lots of places to eat, and we were discussing where we might like to grab our grub...well we decided on the Hard Rock and were heading that direction, when suddenly a Big Orange Sign caught my attention....

Hooters, LOL there was one in the Mall of America (not sure if its still there been a LONG time since i have gone to the mall) last time i was there but i never ate there..never bothered.

Well I kinda laughed and said Maybe we should eat there instead. Steve was Gung Ho about it, said he used to eat there All the time back home in Evansville and he insisted it was about the food,

So, i thought heck WHY NOT. lol So we walk on over and I head up the stairs with my man to the Hooters, lol I give him the If your eyes wander to much speech, I was of course jokeing I trust him.

So it took a while to get seated, cause no hostess was paying any attention, lol but we got seated and i couldnt help but giggle at the orange shorts. YEEP lol.

So my report, I dont understand the hype, but i can tell you there was small amount of couples, lol seemed to be mostly fellows..groups of them, Our waitress wasnt very friendly, and she totally got steves order wrong BUT the food was Yummy and our glasses never did get Empty I had a lovely cobb salad with chicken, and steve had buffalo chicken sandwhich and we shared some fries, with cheese YUMMY

All in all I liked my dinner out, my mom said i was nuts for going in there,but hey good food is good food.
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I used to go to Hooters with my exboyfriend every now and then.........
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
I used to go to Hooters with my exboyfriend every now and then.........
eep Ex is a bad word, but considering we have a wedding in a few weeks. I am not to worried lol
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When we went to Ma. in July to go to Six Flags the only place to eat near are motel was a Hooters.I have never been in one before so was kinda leary.So hubby and I first checked it out LOL. They had families with small kids and alot of couples so we thought its not what we expected. I went back and got my two sons and oldest sons GF and we ate there.It just seemed like a family restaraunt with waitresses wearing orange hot pants. The food was really good the best hamburger I have ever had anyplace! The hooters part wasn't all that
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we go as a family (mt, dh, 6yr son, 2 yr daughter) all the time-- usually its weekend nites when all the bikers are there. There are usually lots of kids at the ones we go to. Food is great! the waitstaff is excellent! we love it
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That is so weird that you say that because today we are going to have hooters wings but we are going to make them ourselves I bought the batter and the sauce.
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There is still a Hooters in the Mall of America - I was there last November.... with my whole family Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles - cousins

I love their food - their wings are AMAZING!
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Hooters is great! We used to go all the time. The food is good and the aptmosphere us fun
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Brian and I go all the time, usually at my request. We might even go today after reading this thread . Kinda getting a craving.

Brian always gets your typical hot breaded wings and fries, but I am addicted to their chicken nachos. Chips, spicy melted cheese, guacamole, sour cream, salsa, jalepenos, and chicken piled HIGH. YUM.

OOOH! And a girlfriend and I went the other day and she introduced me to their fried pickles. WOW! VERY delicious. Of course I'm a girl from the south and love ANYTHING fried.
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LOl well I am glad i am nto the only silly girl to go i did like the food alot, we dont usually have tons of cash to go out..but i think we will go back sometime. it was Yummy food.
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