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Massive weight loss

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I wondered if anyone had any ideas as to what could possibly be wrong with my cat.

It all started in spring of this year (2006). Skippy (my cat) started to beg for more food despite the fact he had always been a picky eater with a small appetite and only ever eating one brand and type of food.

It is now September and he has reached the grand old age of 14. He has had tests and been diagnosed as having diabetes and then it was decided he didn't have. It has cost us a lot of money and we still don't know what could be wrong with him. I stopped taking him to the vets as he has always been stressed by it and his fur still has not begun to grow back from the various places he was shaved for injections and tests etc.

I really do not know what to do - he doesn't appear to be in any pain but he is pestering to be fed at least every hour. I have to set up an automatic feeder to open up during the night but I have to feed him before I go to bed and usually get an early morning tap on the forehead to feed him in the early hours. The day will then be a feed at 6am, 7am if I would get up again but I usually make him wait until 8am. If I would do it he would eat every hour -I try to space it out a little.

He is obviously going to the toilet constantly - his faeces is extremely smelly and pale in colour. I am pregnant at the time so my sense of smell is really working overtime. I had the patio doors open in the living room recently and I could smell his mess in the garden - it really isn't pleasant and I have never smelt anything like it - I have had many cats over the years and have never experienced anything like this!

I cannot be certain that he isn't suffering but he appears to be okay. He has become like a little old man - he cannot jump onto high surfaces any more and struggles with certain things that once didn't. I do not want him to suffer but then I do not want him to go through the stress of going to the vets when they clearly do not know what is wrong with him.

I would appreciate any help anyone may be able to give me.
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WAs he tested for a thyroid prob? In the UK, this isn't included in the routine tests.
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Thanks for your reply - yes he was tested for thyroid problems along with other blood tests.
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How and why was it decided that he wasn't diabetic? The symptoms you have described are textbook diabetic. I realize you've put out a lot of money over this already, but honestly, I would get a second opinion from a different vet. The weight loss, the frequent litter box activity, the begging for food ... these are all indications to me that your little one needs medical attention.
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I would highly suggest retesting the thyroid levels, including a Free T4 test. The Free T4 test is often more sensitive and can pick up hyperthyroidism earlier. I would also suggest testing liver values, as I think the pale feces is a sign of liver problems (often the result of another condition).
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I agree with the two previous posts... May I ask if a SENIOR panel was done or just a general???
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Thanks for all of your replies.

The decision was made that he was not diabetic after a glucose curve was carried out.

I have thought about trying another vet and after your comments I will now do so.

I think there are now several problems that have possibly been caused by the primary illness being left untreated.

Excuse my ignorance but what is a senior panel test?

Thanks again to everyone that has replied.
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a senior panel is a special blood test that tests for organ fuction.. Many include a thyroid test in it but ask
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If he's eating huge amounts and losing weight, might it also be something like a tapeworm or other parasite?
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I just lost my 15 yr old rex. He was losing weight past few weeks. We think he had a heart attack - went peacefully sometime this morning.

Massive weight loss could be diabetes (especially if he's drinking/peeing a lot. Could be kidney failure, could be cancer too.

My 13 yr old cat died of cancer - went from 14 lbs to 6 lbs when I took him in for the final time. He ate all the time, and it never showed on him - just kept losing weight.
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Sounds to me like diabetes, too. If I were you, I would go get a glucometer at the store, or online , and start testing his blood glucose yourself. My ten year old trixter had the same symptoms, and he is diabetic. He was always hungry, eating ike a pig, yet very slowly losing weight. curves at a vets office are not accurate because of stress levels, and to be honest, from what I have learned first hand, most vets dont know much about feline diabetes at all. Did they tell you what kind of numbers he had in their curve?

Please read up on FD at, get a blood glucose meter (freestyle flash is a great one and uses very little blood) and get your baby to another vet and most likely on insulin ASAP. Do not give your cat a shot of insulin without first knowing his blood glucose level. Diabetes will kill if left untreated, and it is a slow, painful process during which the body starves to death. Another symptom is weakness in the back legs; neuropathy. You mention he is having trouble jumping, etc.

Treatment is easy, even if youre squimish! You'd be surprised what love can motivate you to do! Testing is also really easy. You just prick the kitties outer ear edge. They don't even feel it.

The people on the forum will help you learn everything you need to know, every step of the way. With a glucometer and ketostix, you can know for sure about the diabetes.

I hope this helps! Please keep us updated!
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
I just lost my 15 yr old rex. He was losing weight past few weeks. We think he had a heart attack - went peacefully sometime this morning.
I am so sorry to hear of this. It is never easy to lose such a long-time companion. My heart is with you.
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