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I have a wonderful husband

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He just put Stronghold on all the wild cats.
He has done a lot of sports through the years and has really fast reflexes, which was needed.
Two of the kittens he bribed with candy to get close enough and before they knew what happend the dot was on place. Whith the most shy kitten and the two mothers it was more difficult.
He hid behind the door with the cat-door to the cat garden and I went out there to gently make them go inside and tell him which cat was coming.
They are inecredible fast but he got it on place right between their shoulders. The real challange was Moa, the oldest mama. She was to fast through the cat door yesterday so I woke him up this morning when she was alone in the catgarden. Just awake he took the stronghold, walked out in the catgarden and began to talk to her. When he got too close to her she jumped for the fence and hanged there in a corner and he put the Stronghold on. Now she is hiding but she will come around.
The best part is that all the kittens are still eating out my hand, seem realxed in our living room and Agnes, the yong mama, had her morning chat with me in the kitchen as normal. There was no set backs in the socialization process.
My husband is is my hero.
During the day we will make the hous flee free by closing it off for the cats part by part.
And wow, Moa just passed me where I am sitting and sad hello as normal. She is also OK.
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Our hubbies should be our hero's huh? Glad to hear yours is yours!!
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Oh sounds like mine he will alway's remind me you need litter, or whatever and he goes and gets it for me, He build me to put door enclousers, got bite scratched pretty beat up when I had caught all the Ferals, what a great kind person when they care enough to help with something they know we truely Love Salute these Great men
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Originally Posted by halfpint View Post
Salute these Great men
Yup, your husbands are definitely KEEPERS
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WOW. I thought Ariel is the only decent man in this world.

Glad to see that there are men like him out there.
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Malena, he is truly great! You are a lucky and, of course, special lady!
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