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My 1 year old male cat has just been diagnosed with asthma. Until 3 weeks ago he showed no signs. The night it occurred I contacted my vet due to his retractive breathing. (heavy breathing you can see from the back of your pet)We were seen by the vet and by the time we arrived he was open mouth breathing. The vet gave him an injection which made his body crash. His tongue blue, third eyelid over the eye, etc.. She stated that night he almost went to the light. We put him on prednisone and I got a nebulizer for these attacks. He had another the next day and then things went great until yesterday. We had him on prenisone initially 2 times a day for 5 days, 1 time a day for 5 days and then everyother day until the script was gone. We were down to 2 of the everyother day. Yesterday morning he had an attack. I used the nebulizer with albuterol. I came home at 7:30 PM and he was in need of the nebulizer. Again at midnight. This morning at 9:30 he needed a treatment again and when I came home at 5 PM he was open mouth breathing. As I am writing this he is again starting to cough and breath heavy. I contacted my vet this morning and she stated to start the prednisone 2 times a day again. However....obviously this isn't enough. My vet explained if upper respiratory infection is not involved, an open mouth breathing cat is in major trouble. I am very concerned as I work two jobs and am not going to see when he is in need. He is a foster kitty that I have had for 1 year and I would love to find him a home where someone is retired and would be able to keep a watchful eye until this gets under control. Any help on asthma would be greatly appreciated. Les
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Research has associated the dust from both traditional and clumping clay with feline asthma. The cat book I have says to aviod the clay litters altogether.
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My cat also was diagnosed with asthma. I have brought her back to health with the following materials:

1. Allergy Buyer's Central sells special non-allergenic bedding 'bags'. My mattresses and pillows have all been bagged.

2. I got a Miele HEPA vacuum which is used once a week to clean up the dust.

3. I have two Blueair filters that purify the air.

4. I use Nature's Miracle corncob based litter. Gizmo's former owners used cheap clay litter with heavy dust content and both of us suffered. The organic litter does not have any dust at all.

Gizmo's had very few attacks since the Blueair filters arrived and they have been minor, not like the gasping wheezing attacks she had when I first got her.

These machines and these remedies are not cheap, but if the cat's life is worth saving, they are worth getting, I feel.
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