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Do Your Cats "Droop"?

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We're pretty new to kitties. Both of ours, Lazlo and Shelly, love to sleep on a slant! They droop over everything - the edge of the chair, over our laps, up & over the "hump" on the edge of their beds... LOL! Do all cats like to drape themselves - with their heads at a seemingly significant angle (up or down) from their bodies? It looks so uncomfortable to us! ????
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Sure they do! I figure they only want to confound us more! hahahahaha
Sometimes, I can't help but try to figure out how mine got in that position in the first place!
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Mine certainly do! They adopt the most weird and wonderful positions, drooping over the edge of a shelf on a cat-tree, or right on the edge of the settee - from which they sometimes tumble over, and pick themselves up, looking most indignant!

They also like to lie with their heads on something hard - usually a book, as that is what is most often left lying around here.

I had one that used to drape herself across the top of the TV set, right on the edge (with her tail hanging down, bang in the middle of the screen). Her brother would sit behind her and gradually shift forward, millimetre by millimetre, nudging her imperceptibly... until the inevitable happened. She would roll off, with an indignant yowl, an acrobatic twist, and land with a glare and a hiss, swearing horribly up at her gleeful brother. They were half Siamese, and totally barmy - and I loved them to bits - never a dull moment with those two around!

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So they're just as interesting asleep as they are awake! Once they're longer, we'll probably find them in a donut shape!

Re: the book - ours like to sleep on paper most of the time! They didn't like their beds until we took out the pillows that came with them and replaced them with paper! ...and now there's now pillow, there's a hump a good 3 - 4 inches, which allows for great slanting, draping and drooping!
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Trent drapes himself on everything! It is so cute. I'm not sure how he can drape himself on a flat surface, but he manages somehow. I've got pics of his draped across the back of my computer chair...now if I can find them I will post them here.... (later this afternoon/evening when I'm at home I'll find them)
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Socks does that all the time. It scares me a lot when she droops on the bar stools downstairs, they're pretty tall and I'm always scared she's gonna roll over and fall on the hard floor.

She also likes to sleep on top of the TV. My mom put a mat up there for her, and she's quite content. We've taught her to keep her tail off the screen, but when she's especially hyper, she'll lean her front paws down and "chase" the people on television.
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A couple of times I found Loki sleeping upside down on the living room chair. He sort of propped himself up with pillows. Tooo cute, I wish I had had a camera..
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My cat Buddy does that all the time. He loves the backs of chair and couch arms. He just dangles his legs off...I even have a picture, if I could just find it.
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Here is Trent, doing his best leopard in a tree impression.
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You know my cat is a big snob. She can't stand to sit like that, she always sits in a tight little ball. She lays in a tight little ball, often she curls herself up so tight that she snores. She's a very prim & proper kitty.
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Turtle has a thing for shoes. If I leave my flip-flops in the living room, I find her laying on top of them, her paws resting on them, anything. how she can be comfortable sleeping on my shoes, I don't know. but hey, whatever floats your boat...
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Nathalie, my Fairisle has a foot-and-shoe fetish too, as well as a thing about hair. She has passed this trait on to most of her descendants - if they can't lie on my feet, they'll lie with their nose in one of my shoes or slippers! And sleeping with any of them in the room is hazardous - they'll come up and try to eat your hair! I don't know what it is about extremities, but my Yorkshire lass is crazy about them both, and so are her children, grand-children and great-grandchildren! (The great-greats are too little as yet to have manifested this bizarre behaviour, but I'm willing to bet they'll have inherited it too)

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Boy are cats great! I've known lots of dogs that love shoes, but go figure! I found Shelly draped over one of my husband's shoes, his paws twisted around into the other. Lazlo also sits on top of the TV, "chasing" things on screen from up top. I haven't seen either of them fall off anything yet, but they're apparently not as daring (yet, anyway) as some of your kitties! :tounge2:
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Heidi - Trent is just too cute draped over that chair back. He looks so furtive, as if you've caught him doing something he shouldn't have.

My Balie lies on his back on our bed (which is quite high), his head often tips backwards over the edge of the bed. This make breathing difficult, so he ends up panting, gurgling and snoring, being a very flat-faced Persian its even more awkward for him. But whenever we lift him up, he's back there within a couple of minutes.

All this when we are trying to sleep. . .
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