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Angry cat...is this normal?

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I have not had this happen before and I am wondering if this is normal or is an indication that my cat would probably not get along with a new kitten... I brought home a kitten yesterday (very temporarily) and when our cat (we only have one cat) saw the kitten from across the room being held by someone, our cat hissed. Since then our cat has been acting mad at everyone in the house... The kitten has left but our cat is still hissing at all the people in the house if they try to pet her, and when she smelled a family member's shirt (he'd been holding the kitten earlier) she hissed and ran away.
We wanted to bring home a new kitten sometime soon and now I am worried that this might mean our cat hates other cats and won't tolerate a new addition... Our last cat detested all other cats and no matter how you tried to introduce her she would not accept them. I am hoping this is not going to be the same thing again because with our old cat we just could never keep another cat while we had her (I had fosters but I had to keep them totally separate and she was never happy when they were in the house...)
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This is completely normal behavior. I would be shocked if you said your cat didn't care or show interest in the new kitten.

All I can say is to read the sticky on introducing and go by that. When the new kitty comes home, don't even introduce them, put the new one right into a bathroom or bedroom seperate from your resident cat. Feed both close to the door so they can smell each other under it, or a temporary screen door would be great too. After a day or two open the door inbetween them and let them find each other. This is so very important, do not just plop one down in front of the other, don't bring one into the room being carried over the other, the one on the floor will feel threatened.

Go slow, get some Feliway plug ins/sprays, be patient and let them meet naturall. I would not assume your resident will hate all cats. It is hard to say what hating really means too, some cats will actually attack the other, some will hiss and growl and that's it. My one cat still hisses at my other cats and they have been together for years. She is just a bully. Hissing and growling and noises are all normal. They will never need to "fight" the kind without fur flying and blood shed to determine who is alpha cat. Many people freak out when that happens but they need to do it.
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