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Discomfort in Sitting Position

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My cat seems to be in a lot of discomfort when she tries to sit on her rear end. She seems to have to pivot her butt to the side so that she can find a comfortable position. I notice that when I pet her, she is very sensitive in that area (sides of the base of the tail). She seems to hold her tail downward and it takes her awhile to get settled into a sitting position.

Does anyone know what this maybe? She had an abcessed anal sac a couple of months ago and the doctor wanted me to bring her back so that the other one could be excreted - this would mean that she would have to be sedated and I wasn't really excited about that. I was researching on the internet and it seems that if a cat is having problems with their anal sacs, they seem to drag themselves along the carpet - but my cat isn't doing this at all.

I am not sure if this could be arthritis because she is older or if she hurt herself in someway. I am very concerned about her and would like to find some information on my own before I have to stress her out again by taking her to the vet.

Any information that anyone may have would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a bunch...
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I think it sounds very much like the anal sacs again. Especially since she has had the problem before. I don't see why the vet has to put her out to express her glands? That doesn't make any sense. It is a simple quick thing and the cat usually doesn't even realize what happened.

I know it is disgusting but you could have the vet show you how to express her glands at home so you don't have to bring her in. Honestly i would just make her deal with it and take her in. I wouldn't let this wait though, if it is bad enough that she is showing significant pain at the base of her tail, I would be worried. Cats do everything possible to hide pain so if she shows it and is sitting funny, you know it may be bad.

Also ask the vet how to prevent this from happening over and over again.
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