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Loose tooth

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My cat Floco is 2.5 yrs old and has a very loose tooth in front. Some background: a friend of mine who used to be a vet tech was visiting and she noticed Floco had bad breath and some gengivitis. This was about a week ago-- we didn't notice the tooth. I took him to the vet yesterday for his regular check-up/shots and mentioned the gengivitis. The vet said it was a grade 1 out of 4 (mild) and that if I wanted to, I could have a tooth cleaning done sometime soon. If the tooth was loose then, neither the vet nor I saw it. I came home, and this morning I looked in his mouth to check out his gums and happened to see the loose tooth.

Question: could this have suddenly happened since yesterday? I had a miserable time getting him into the cat carrier, for the first time ever. Could he have hit his head somehow in the carrier while struggling? Or could this have happened a few days ago while playing around the house with his brother, and it just happened to become super loose now? Or, could this have nothing to do with hitting his head but be pure gengivitis? But I doubt it, cause the vet said his gengivitis was mild.

I was going to take him in for a tooth cleaning in the next couple of weeks. My friend said the tooth will probably fall out on its own before then. He doesn't seem to be in pain, but has been sort of lethargic since his car trip and shots yesterday (just sleeping a lot). I haven't seen him eating a lot, but maybe that's just because he's sleepy?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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Bump and update. The tooth is still there and my friend thinks it looks worse (redder around it). I guess I may take him on Friday with his brother and have the tooth out? How do I know if it is getting infected?
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I certainly think that taking Floco for a dental sooner rather than later is the best thing you can do.

A loose tooth could be part of the gingivitis, but it could also be because there are cavities below the gum line making it loose.

It's possible that he's lethargic and off his food because he's in pain from the tooth and the inflamation of his gums.

Either way, I certainly think that a dental will be a great help to your kitty and will help them to feel better!
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