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Good Vibes URGENTLY needed. :(

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My little cousin, Braydon (6) was visiting his dad at work this afternoon, when he wandered away from adult supervision and was playing on a forklift.
One of the workers saw him on there and told him to get off, but then just walked away.

In the process of jumping off the roof of the forklift, he got his arm stuck in the fence type thing, before plummeting to to ground.
He had blood all aver his arm. So they rushed the poor screaming boy to the closest hospital. But that hospital ended up sending him to Childrens Hospital by ambulance.

he broke his arm, his wrist (compound fracture) and his hand in a few spots. The docters think at this point, that he is going to need some surgeries to fix the arm, because it's broken in so many spots.

My poor boy is in so much pain.. the meds are helping.. but not enough. I just got back from visiting him.

So any spare thoughts or prayers are appreciated, for little Braydons recovery.
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Prayers coming your way for little Braydon. Sounds like he has a long road ahead of him.
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wow poor guy, sounds like my 6 year old, very curious. he will be in my thoughts for a speedy, less painfull recovery.
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oh poor the boy! good thoughts and prayers going his way and you and your family's way!
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Oh this breaks my heart.I will remember him in my prayers!
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Sending many, many {{{prayers and vibes}}} to poor Brandon - poor little boy, he was just being a curious kid Kittens, puppies and children are always at such risk. Please tell Brandon that lots & lots of people from all around the world are sending prayers and hugs and want him to feel better very, very soon.
And the next time you see him, if he is up to it, please ask him to tell us about his ambulance ride or anything else he'd like to share about his "unhappy adventure" and tell him that I think he is a very brave boy
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OMGosh!!! Poor boy, I will be sure to add him to my prayers!! I'll ask my Mom who is a Minister, to add him to their pray list at Church too.
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Vibes and prayers to your cousin - hopefully being young he will heal quicker than the Doctors think. I will keep you in my thoughts.
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Oh the poor little guy.......that's's lots of healthy vibes for a speedy recovery!
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Oh no poor little guy..Sending healing wishes to him.
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My prayers and calming vibes are on the way for little Braydons recovery.
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Sending many prayers for Braydon and your family. I hope the little guy has a speedy recovery.
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Prayers for little Braydon coming your way and an angry face for the man who simply told him to get down and then just walked away.
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I hope Braydon's surgeries go something and he heals well. Good vibes coming your way{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}
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Prayers and vibes are coming your way! I hope he gets better soon.
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Oh no! I hope everything is ok and lots of (((good vibes and energy))) toward everyone involved!
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