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Slow to wean

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My foster kitties are currently 6 weeks old. This group seems less eager to wean than most. They are all big, fat, and growing. They didn't take well to canned by itself or canned with KMR, but did take a liking to baby food. I have mixed the canned food with baby food, but they won't eat the canned without baby food (except for 1 of 5). Some won't even eat canned mixed with baby food, they just want the baby food. They are showing much more interest in mom than food. Are these just future finicky cats? Is there something I can do to help get them more interested in food? I have tried a variety of canned flavors. That doesn't seem to make much of a difference. Because of the baby food, they know how to eat. They are with mom 24-7 and can always watch her. They just prefer not to eat unless it tastes really, really good (like baby food). Any ideas on getting them to eat well balenced kitty food?
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I think just continue to leave food out and let them watch the mom, eventually she will push them away and show them how to eat the kitten food. It really isn't a big deal if they nurse a little longer then normal, some kittens will occationally nurse up until 10 or 12 weeks if the mother still has milk. Just make sure they aren't irritating her nipples or biting or if htey are drying out or anything unusual.
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I have had that happen in foster litters, too. I think different Mom's have different personalities. Some are a little overprotective, and keep the little kitten bellies so full that the show no interest in food! But as Jen posted, even a "supermom" cat will push away the kittens in time, and they will eat the solids.
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My mommas still let the almost 12 week old kittens nurse on occassion. But not often, and they are eating me out of house and home. I wouldnt worry to much leave food out, they will get the idea.
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Thanks for all your replies. Mom is very motherly and is happy to keep them full. I think that is part of the reason they have become a little picky. They want something and she will gladly baby them and nurse them. There is one (the fat one) that will eat canned food on her own, but she holds out as long as possible in hopes of getting baby food. The other four sniff the canned food, but shun it. They seem to know what it is for, but would rather nurse or eat something that tastes better. I saw a different one try to eat a crunchy today. That gave me a little more hope. When I had baby food out yesterday they would all cry for it and go to it immediately. It really is seeming more like being picky than not knowing how to eat. I have had an occasional kitten not like canned food, but never a litter of 5! Of course, I have never had a litter of 5 females together either! Can they all really be this picky? I know that I still have several more weeks until they are adopted out, but I would like to see them eat well on their own. They are 6.5 weeks old!
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I kept trying the canned with formula but my kitten wasn't too keen on it for a starter--he preferred dried food soaked well in water until mushy. Once he got the hang of that he started taking some canned too.
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