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I've now received five copies of a denial for two claims I filed on Gizmo's insurance policy. I keep getting form letters from the 'very prominent' company that may not be named on this forum (contact me in a pm to find out which one it is.)

I've asked twice for them to cancel Gizmo's policy and refund my money, which was paid one year in advance. They insist that this request be made in writing. I sent it by FAX and by mail two weeks ago. No acknowledgement has reached me to date even though they have an entire office that deals with policy cancellations. There is no need to ask why.

This latest letter is going to go out by certified mail, return receipt requested, so they can't claim to not have received it the way they consistently deny receipt of the cat's medical records (and then deny a second claim, allegedly because of a pre-existing condition. NIce trick to judge that without the records.)

There are some good pet insurers out there, unhappily they are not licensed in my state. I can only hope that they decide to go for the license soon. I'll be their first customer.