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Sick Meowie

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I have an outside cat that has been coming to the back door for about a year. This time when he came he is sick. He has runny matter in his eyes, has lost a lot of weight. Is unsteady on his feet. I went to petsmart and got him some pro plan and he will eat a little bit, and some laphappy milk, and he has been drinking that. Is there anything else I can do for him? I have made him a bed in a box with a soft blanket, and he is sleeping right now. I am so totaly upset.
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Sounds like he needs to see a vet ASAP. Can you get to one? All you can do till then is make sure he's comfortable and see that he has food, water and a litter box.

Keep us posted on his recovery and good luck!
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You should be able to catch him since he is sick. It's been my experience that when the ferals are sick, they are more responsive to human contact. He really does sound like he needs a vet visit.
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Yes, please try to catch him and take him to the vet. Humane traps are available for free at the humane society here in FL. Maybe they are available where you are. He will be easy to catch if he is used to eating at the same place and time every night. Good luck.
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You may be able to call your vet and get a round of clavamox or amoxy drops for him. But in order to treat him, you need to trap him and confine him. Usually with my ferals, one bottle of the clavamox will fix them right up, and I spare them the trauma of car travel and a vet visit. Your vet might also make a farm call and come to you, but when you trap this kitty, make sure after he is caught, that you immediately cover the trap with a heavy dark cloth.It calms them down a lot. good luck!
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Just to let you know there's an update here:


Please post replies to this thread (I'm closing the other one).
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