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A fun morning!

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Hello Friends!

I just wanted to tell you about the fun morning I had! Last night Meowmy said we could take a walk this morning. She almost forgot, but I stood by the door and meowed to help her remember. So she put on my halter and off we went.

It was great! I walked all over and smelled so many interesting things. I found a gopher hole and looked down inside it. There was nobody home, he probably heard me coming and was hiding! Then a found and stalked the biggest beetle ever!!! After that I scared some pigeons away. Whew! After this busy morning, I think I need a nap.
Your Pal,
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Danny, that's awesome dude! I love going outside and I chase the squirrels and the moths in the lawn. We had a raccoon the other night hiding under the driveway culvert but I didn't chase him. Meowmy was all worried but purrpa told her to chill!

Do you get to go out every night? That is really great. Let us know what you do the next time you go out too. I'll be looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

Your friend

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WOW, Danny! SOuns like fun but very scary! We nefurr evfurr went outwside cept wen we hafta to get in that big white ting to go to the betteranareeun.

You were a sweet an good boy to help yur meowmy remember to walk you.

wut is a beetle???
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Yeah, way cool, Danny! We don't go outside either. It's just not as safe with all those cars on the road.
I still get to stalk bugs in the house though. Sometimes I try to catch them as they fly! Ari
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Originally Posted by batgirl2good View Post

wut is a beetle???

Its a big black bug with a hard body and six legs! (I don't know why it needs six, four is enough for me.) Meowmy says the Beatles are singers and a VW beetle is a car. I don't know if those Beatle singers are cars or bugs? They have a song, I think it is called "Let it Bee" so maybe they are bugs.
Meowmy is pretty good about letting out (on my leash) at least once a day. But she won't let me out at night!! She says, "It is too dark and cold." But I am not afraid of the dark or the cold! Kitties are the masters of the night!
Who else likes to take walks?
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we maynly like to take naps.
cept at nite sumtimes when meomwy tryin to sleep, we play chase up an down the hall or else we play jump on meowmy an walk on her.
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