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My kitten--five month old Harriett--was recovering from a URI (upper respiratory infection) when I adopted her; soon afterwards she developed a yeast infection in her ear. She was treated for the YI in her ear with antibiotics / ear drops, but those medications didn't do the trick completely, so the vet prescribed Tresamen, a refridgerated ear drop medication (which she didn't like at all, believe you me). Now that the meds are finished, I've moved on to cleaning out her ears with Epi-Otic, another vet prescribed regimen. What is the best way to cleaning her ears so she won't be prone to infections? I don't see any blackish-brown stuff in the infected ear, so I think she's over the infection. But of course, I can't see down in there. The vet wanted me to bring her back if she started shaking / scratching again, which she's not. Any advice to cleaning out the ears / preventing ear infections?