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Should I be worried?

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8-Bit has taken to sitting in a box at night when it's "family" time. He's gotten REALLY possessive about it, and has gone as far as biting Scratch on his rump and taking out a chunk of fur. Is this normal?

::::: crosses fingers and hopes for a yes ::::::
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Mine LOVE to sit in boxes (even too small boxes-LOL), and yes, they fight over them all the time .
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mine like boxes too and tend to take turns sitting in there however cleo does alot of growling with "her" things that she has like boxes,scraps of paper etc
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Thanks so much... now I just know 8-Bit is being a brat.
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Mine used to sit around in boxes until he found something better; shopping bags!
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This is what Sophie did to Rosie because she sat in the box before her!.

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This is making me feel loads better!
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lol, my cats love boxes, too. My Trixter is VERY territorial, and he will "claim" most of the boxes for himself and if he sees Smeagol even going near them, he will pounce. Neither of them growl or actually hurt eachother, but it will initiate a wrestling match. Sometimes Trixter lets Smeagol have a turn in the box, it just depends on his mood. He wants Smeagol to know who's boss! lol Smeagol loves to chew around every edge of the boxes. We are always replacing them. lol But the cool part about the chewing of the edges is that he manages to keep his teeth REALLY clean doing it! Trixter will bite off the pieces from Smeagols chewing and spit them out all over the floor. haha, you should see the mess in the middle of the living room each and every day. They love to show off! Our cats run our house.
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