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Siggy Size ?

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Hi guys, I made another siggy today and this is the message I have in my signature box:

Note: The maximum size of your custom image is 500 by 100 pixels or 19.5 KB (whichever is smaller).

Why is that? I thought the limit was 540 by 134 and 30KB?

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The height should be 150 pixels and the size of the file size should be max 30 K
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That is weird - I direct link to my pictures on photobucket and it allows them at any size which is why you see some oversized siggies, but have never used the upload feature - can you host it on photobucket (or somewhere) and just use the link in the siggy text box?
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Here's an uploaded link to .mac, and when I try it, I get the message remote file is too large.
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Ok - I understand now. They have put a limit on the size we can upload to the TCS server which is the 500 by 100 pixels or 19.5 KB. Your file is 22.34 KB so it is too big. You can try saving it at a lower resolution to reduce the file size or use a file server like Photobucket and link to it which is what Icklemiss21 and I have done.
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I am using a file server (well, I'm trying), .mac to host this. And I still get the message that the remote file is too large.
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Try just putting the image link in this box rather than uploading it from the server

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Thanks Icklemiss, I just tried this right before you posted, that was the answer, using IMG.
I love problem solving, but I have or had things to do. Heavy sigh. Thanks again.
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