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Bathing Cats

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I wanted everyones input about what you bath your cats with. I want to bath Hershey again to make sure I got all the flea crap off of him. Last time I just used Dove shampoo ...
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I bath mine - but use a cat shampoo that my groomer uses
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It would be best to use a special cat shampoo. Their skin dries out more easily than a human's. Call a vet or pet groomer and see what they recommend.
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I've always used Nexxus Simply Silver for my white cats (works well on black/white cats too.

And I use both the shampoo and the conditioner (Nexxus).
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You can find cat shampoos in any pet store. For a ragdoll, I'd recommend using one that has a conditioner in it. Do not use anything that has tea tree oil in it. When you rinse, you can use a couple gallons of warm water with a couple tablespoons of white vinegar in the water. It helps to restore the pH balance of the skin and also helps rinse away the shampoo more thoroughly.
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I use dawn, Thermasilk shampoo, and Infusium 23 conditioner.
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This link may help you find products for your Ragdoll that the experts use. It lists shampoo's, conditioner's and other grooming products.
Hershey is a cutie in your signature.
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Thanks Everyone!!
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I just gave both mine a bath. I don't do it too often but is once every 2-3 okay? I use bio-guard because it wont wash out their frontline. Its a gentle shampoo and leaves them silky soft. I also and going to check out getting them on a skin and coat supplement because i do give them bathes and i don't want them to dry out.
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I haven't been bathing Chynna lately. But when I did I would take her into the shower with me and hold her against me and wet us both down. She didn't really like it but she tolerated it. After one loud "MEOOOW!!!!!" she would bury her head under my chin and let me get on with it, LOL

I used Baby Shampoo and made sure I rinsed her really well and then I used just a little of the cream rinse I used on my hair for her and made sure I rinsed really well. When I thought I was done rinsing, I rinsed more and more. She smelled so good and was so soft and fluffy when she dried

Some have said that human shampoo isn't good for cats, but I didn't bath my cat often enough for it to cause any problems, if there were going to be any problems. I showered her a few times a year.

Now Abby on the other hand has never had a bath. I think I would need one of those special cat washing boxes for her. She's not gung ho about being held unless she initiates it and I think she would be very very upset with me if I got her soaking wet, hehe
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