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Newbie here... Saying G'day!

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Hi there I'm new to this particular board, but have become familiar with the type when a board I've been a longtime member of upgraded to this kind

Very recently (last Saturday to be precise) my mother (whom I live with) and I went and rescued a lovely dark tabby lady of 18 months of age. Her name was Felix

Already she has climbed up our tree and got stuck, and climbed up somehow onto the roof, and got stuck. Both times she has been rescued successfully.

I only heard about this board, oh, not even half an hour ago... I'm not sure if this place is right for me, if I even have the time, but it can't hurt to give it a shot
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Oh you'll love this place, I do Your cat sounds like an adventurous type and rather nosey. The best type I reckon

Welcome to the Cat Site Forums.
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Felix, Perhaps when you get to know us better you'll allow your new mother to visit more often. If you have problems with the fact that you came complete witha boy's name, there are kitty psychologists who can help you with your anger. It's not your mother's fault. After all, you are a young adult kitty. I'm so glad your self esteem is in tact. I'm sure you are a very lovely dark tabby! My kitties are Siamese, and they think they are absolutely gorgeous, which they are of course. Welcome from Jeanie. My kitties not only allow me to visit; they sit on my lap and help me--not that I'm criticizing, of course!
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Welcome to the site. What a wonderful thing for you to rescue little Felix! She sounds like quite a handful, but that's not always a bad thing. She has spirit, that's for sure.

I hope you decide to stick around. It really is a very nice group of people here, and we would like to get to know you and Felix better.
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Welcome! I think you'll like it here. We're pretty friendly.
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Welcome! Yes, the people here are very nice. I've only been here for three days and I already feel somewhat at home.
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Good to see you here Faizah - Katie sends kitty-kisses to Felix!

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Hey Felix. Nice ta meet ya!
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You and Felix should be right at home here!
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I like the little title things here, Not a 'Newbie' but a 'Kitten'

Since my first post, Felix has gotten up onto the roof and been rescued three more times...

Of course, little Felix, that she is, knows perfectly well how to get down... We caught her, the little sneak

And she can get out of the tree on her own as well...

Hi Esme :wave:

-- Faiz --
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