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Introducing ourselves!

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I've been lurking around this website for a few weeks and finally registered as a member. Brilliant site btw !

Let me introduce myself... my name is Chantelle AKA Pippy-Pops and I have an 18 month old pitch black moggy named Pippin, my partners name is Tony and we've been together since Pip was brought home. I am originally South African but moved to the United Kingdom in 2003 and have now made the country my home, Tony on the other hand is a true Brit!

We have recently (2 weeks ago) moved from a house, where Pip could roam outdoors (and did all day) into a flat, where he's been subjected to a complete change in environment. We now live on the 3rd floor with no easy access for him to go out and roam, he has moved away from his Granny Mags (my mom whom we lived with) and he now has to use a litter tray (he's rather shy about his ablutions and will only go when there is no-one looking!) so I have taken the momentus decision to slowly train (with enourmous amounts of patience) him to be an indoor cat - not only for his own safety but also for my own piece of mind! At first my partner thought I was being really cruel as the great outdoors is all Pip has ever known.

We moved into the flat 1 week before me moved Pip over, ensuring everything would be in it's place and therefore we wouldn't upset Pippin as he is a little bit of a skittish kitty! Moving day was stressful for me as I was so emotional removing the last of my life living with my mother and because I knew how much she loved Pip..! I cried the entire way to the flat but Pippin was wonderful! He kept poking his paw out of the cat box to touch my hand as if it say "mommy, it'll be ok!" and he was as quiet as a mouse where usually the sight of the car would get him yowling at the top of his lungs! ... I think he knew that this wasn't just a trip to the Vet ... this was much much more than that! Back at the flat, I left him in the cat box while I got all his "gear" (toys, bed, food, bowls, new litter tray) into place in pretty much where he usually would have had them at the old house with Granny Mags and then sat down and let him out! At first he wasn't sure but eventually he came out, found his food, sniffed the litter tray and went straight into it to "relieve" himself (at that I cried and cried as he'd never ever used one before!).

It's been a week of having him over at the flat and so far... so good! We've kept the windows shut while we aren't home but have them open just enough to get a breeze in while we are home. He's stopped waking us at 4am for a feed as he's not using up enough roaming energy anymore and we now get a peaceful sleep. He's using his litter tray very well for a kitty who went outdoors and so far, no spills! He has been trying to get out the windows but a stern "NO" has so far worked to keep him away! I know he's sad that he has to stay indoors and I'm trying to keep him "occupied" while I am home and he will slowly come to realise mommy loves him enough to keep him indoors!

I've bought an H harness today in the hope that I can slowly begin to take him outdoors so he can have a good rummage in the grass but I am afraid that he'll want to go outdoors on his own and escape! Maybe that's just me being paranoid!

I would be grateful for any advice but especially on how to make the transition easier for him, on how to keep him occupied while I'm at work and how to slowly introduce the harness and walkies would be great!

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Welcome Chantelle,
Glad you found us here on TCS! If you go over to the Behavior forums you can find solutions to many of the problems you may be having with your sweet kitty.
Everyone here is very nice and willing to help just ask
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Hi Bella! I am really pleased I found this site as no-where that I've found has been as informative and helpful as this site has been to me already!

I'm sure Pippin will settle down when he's ready as this has been a life changing experience for both of us! I am a very paranoid mother to my little furry dude and any change sends me spinning into a panic so this was a major move for us both!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Welcome to TCS, Chantelle! Moving is sure tough on everyone involved As for Pippin, may I suggest creating new and interesting places to explore and check out. Large cardboard boxes are great as the cats love to sharpen their claws on them, and when the cats get bored, it's a simple matter of tossing out the old and bringing in the new (without hurting the household budget). If you want something fairly inexpensive but more permanent, try checking out the Cat Play Cubes (collapsible nylon boxes with holes on 3 sides, that velcro together); I have cubes that I rearrange frequently and my cats love them. JC has been getting out and wandering off lately, so now everyone's restricted to inside; he gets frustrated, but frequent configuration changes on the cat cubes puts him in a good mood. Also, I bring some work home with me to do and the cats enjoy watching me do the various tasks, esp. using the hole punch and receiving faxes.
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Hi Chantelle and welcome to TCS!

I'm sure you'll be able to find all the help and information you'll need to help Pippin adjust to the indoor life and to walking on a harness!

All four of my cats are harness trained, so if you'd like any help, send me a PM and I'll see what I can do for you!

I look forward to hearing more about Pippin and getting to know you in the other forums!
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Hi and welcome to TCS I'm glad you are finding great information and support here I'm also glad that Pippin is adjusting to the indoor life

If you have any questions, or need any help finding your way around, feel free to ask. Just click on my username and send me a private message.
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Dear Pippy and Pips!:

GOOD FOR YOU for making this transition and it sounds as if you're doing everything right! The nine felines I serve have been indoor-only cats since being rescued off the streets; it is a much, much better way and much safer! You won't regret it. Having a British "ex" and many friends from Across the Pond, I know that screens on the windows aren't the usual thing over there, but if you could get some and make sure they fit well and are secure, you could open the windows wider and rest assured that Pippin would still be safe inside. It will take him awhile to get used to being inside all the time, but you're doing everything to make him feel good about being there, and it sounds like he's adjusting well.
I just joined a couple of days ago, so I'm an even newer kitten than you; but sure am glad to be here, and always glad to hear of rescues, especially of black cats! I love all cats of all species, from little ones to Siberian tigers!, but black ones, especially black male shorthairs, have always been favorites of mine. BEST to you and yours! from me and mine, out in the Mojave Desert, California...
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Hi welcome to TCS!
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Hello and welcome from a fellow Brit now living in Spain. Its great here, as you can see theres always someone on hand to help with those critter-questions

Once you get settled maybe you could post us some photos we just love photos here

Enjoy the forums and keep us posted on Pippins progress
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Welcome Chantelle and Pippin. So glad that Pippin settled in his new home
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Welcome Chantelle and Pippin!
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Welcome Chantelle and Pippin to TCS! Sounds like you are doing all the right things to make the transition easier. Can't wait to see some pictures of Pippin!
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Hi there Chantelle we're so happy to welcome you and Pippin to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions

I hope you find lots of helpful advice on the site. We have two indoor kitties, as well as they three indoor/outdoor girls - the trick is to keep them entertained and always always "double door" if you can - make sure kitty is behind a closed door before opening the exterior door - they can be lightning fast!
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