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Hello Hello!!

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HELLO ALL OF YOU!! I'm so sorry I've been away so long..... things have been up and down and up and down over here for me. But finally, I have a secure job in Kattens Værn as their janitor. I'm fostering a kitten called Booty. I did have two, but Toffi, the little boy managed to pull 2.5 m of thread out of the sofa and eat it. Unfortunately, despite our vets best efforts to save him, it didn't end very well. But it's very comforting because I have seen Toffi around in the apartment since he crossed the rainbow bridge. He is coming back to look after his little sister..... she had a very severe virus as a tiny kitten, and it's left her slightly brain-damaged. She wobbles a lot at the moment, but otherwise she is very happy She's probably the sweetest little bum-shaker I've ever seen... and if nobody wants a broken kitty, I'm certainly going to keep her!

Life is being very good to me at the moment, lots of girlie nights and lots of work. Which means money! Woohoo!!

Tell me how things are with you guys!

Love and hugs
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Hey, guys! Look who's back! It's...it's...it's... Dang. You've been gone so long I don't remember your name!

Anywho, glad to see you back at TCS.

Me? Still recovering from an auto accident in April which hasn't been helped by a fall this past Wednesday. Otherwise, still causing mischief when I can. Right, Susie?
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I was sitting in the car last night and thinking about you!!!
Glad youre getting on well over there!
You have to write me a very logn long email with all details!
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It's so good to see your thread, and it really has been a long time since you were here.

I've been really busy lately, but I come to TCS when I get a chance. This site is so addicting, it's impossible to stay away for too long.

Hey Jan, I knew you fell a couple of weeks ago, but you fell AGAIN???? That's terrible.
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Welcome back!! And congrats on the success with Brody, and condolences on the loss of little Toffi
So much has been happening on TCS and in the world lately, you'll have lots of catching-up to do I'm especially excited that 4CrazyCat's going to have a baby and MikeAnderson's post in S.O.S. may result in the rescue of a stray in Texas
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Welcome back! You really have been away for ages. Do you feel acclimated? How much contact do you have with your son?
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Sweetie!!!! So good to see you!

I've missed you so much! Glad to see that all's good for you and I wish you all the very best with your sweet little foster baby!

Keep in touch!!!!!
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Gosh sad news about the kitty. I would take in lots of special needs kitties if was up to me!! Good to hear from you!!
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Thanks guys! It's great to be back.... at least I'll be dropping in from time to time when I get the chance... the overtime I work is insane right now!

LIfe is ticking over really well and I'm pretty much settled in now. I still have contact with Alex as and when I can, although his "parents" seem to be trying to make it as difficult for me as possible. Fun. They're not going to get rid of me THAT easy though!!

I'm going to write a bit more when I get a bit more time - right now I've got three million things to do and just not enough time in the day for them all!

Love you all lots!
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Hello, hello , and Hello my friend!...
Glad to find you here!

we missed your evil laugth!....................
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