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Making soup...

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This is something that only cat lovers will understand. DH decided to make some canned soup for his dinner (he works overnights, so his dinner time is 7:30am). He quietly goes into the kitchen (both boys are asleep), opens the cabinet (I notice a twitch to 8-Bit's whiskers), and gets out the can opener (Scratch is woken out of a dream and lifts his head up). As he locks the can opener into place he has two meowing kitties at his feet. DH looks down and says "Boys, this is soup. It's not for kitties"
They ignore him. 8-Bit starts to weave through his legs trilling. Scratch has jumped up and is investigating the half opened can of soup. At this point DH has been tripped by 8-Bit and the can opener flies across the kitchen. Grumbling he picks it up, and tries again. The leg weaving continues. Finally, he gets the can open and is able to get the soup into the pan. 8-Bit now tries to jump on a LIT stove to investigate why this isn't cat food, and gets grounded.

Elapsed time: 15 mins

Elapsed time before the boys came into our lives: 30 seconds.

What we do for our kitties!
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Oh, yeah. I can totally relate. Even picking up a can or can opener would get a reaction from our felines. And the look of disappointment when discovering that the can contained something they didn't like...
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Yeah... you should try making tuna salad at my house too. Something that used to take a few moments can streatch out to half an hour.
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My cats have me well trained with the tuna. When I open a can of it they each get a little pinch. They beg so hard it is the one thing that I can't refuse them.
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With us its not just tuna! It's bread, cheese, milk, icecream, pie, flour....
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Oh, yes, the things we do for our kitties
And I wonder about this - how do the cats know that in "the Olden Days" cat food was opened with a can opener???? All their lives, my kits have had only pop-top canned food, and yet they seem to remember
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Same thing happens here daily. Green beans, sauerkraut, everything in a can gets inspected by the fluffalorium
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