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Wierd & VERY ANNOYING Sucking

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My 4mnth old cat Tigger suddenly has started doing this weird thing esp early in the mornings

he will meow and meow and start sucking on the blanket making an outrageous and very irritating sucking noise and ends up leaving wet patches all over the blanket (also very annoying)

i do not understand why he is doing this, sometimes when hes in a whiney mood he will sit on me and try and do the same sucking thing on my clothes

i think he maybe wanting something to drink and make him drink water but he comes back and continues this

i just cannot deal with it at 5am every morning and am at my wits end.....he used 2 do this with the dry munchies, just sit n suck them like a boiled sweet to the point i had to hand feed him just to get him to eat properly, however sometimes he will eat puuurrrfectly fine, its like he forgets how 2 chew and sucks instead

anyway PLS HELP if anyone can make sense of this or think of a way to stop this i would be REALLY GRATEFUL

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he is young and misses his mama
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Some cats just do this, and some grow out of it eventually. My Ellie is now two and still does it, though not as much as she used to. She would suck on anything, but especially liked bare human flesh, which was very annoying and embarrassing! Just love on him and cuddle him without letting him suck, and give him an stuffed toy to suck on instead of your blankets. He needs more security.
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Moose ruined two of my good sweeters that way. He is 5 now and does not do that any more. However, early mornings he will still try and such on my earlob. That is annoying. I think he just need attention and to cuddle.
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ok dokey....i try to cuddle him lots but he wont stay unless HE WANTS IT, but regardless he gets lots of attention but why i was surprised was because its only just started and he has been away from his mummy for 3 mnths now

thnx for all yr input....appreciated :0)
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