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I'm back again

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Hi there everyone!!

I've actually been a member for about a year I think, but I had to stop dropping by, cos my employer began a harsh IT Monitoring and Email policy and I had to stop spending time on my favourite site, which took away some of the joy of going to work. I always take 100 years to do things - but finally we're on the net at home, and you'll probably hear a lot more from me So if you don't' mind - I'm going to be a bit boring and introduce myself and catperson again.

I grew up with cats. In my recollection my parents never ever bought a cat - they were always in need of a home for some reason or other, and most of them lived long and comfortable lives as part of our family. I had never owned my own cat though, and now I am proud to be continuing this family habit:

I got Tiki in February last year - an 8 year old Siamese blue point who desperately needed somewhere to live. My father stumbled across her - as he has a tendency to do with stray and unwanted animals, and as he wasn't in a position to take her - he thought of me. Thanks dad! She lived with a family and to be fair she wasn't ill-treated, but very much ignored. Her male owner apparently had bought her as a kitten and he loved her. He then got married and his wife loathed her - and so she was relegated forever to be an outside kitty during the day, and locked up in an outside garage at night. They were going to be moving interstate and into an apartment and the wife refused to take the cat with them. They were on the verge of surrendering her when my dad volunteered my home. The man took her over to my parent's home and dropped her off complete with basket, and used kitty litter. He was quite tearful about saying goodbye. How sad that he couldn't keep her. I picked her up about a week later and took her to my cramped one bedroom flat in the inner city. My man was not very impressed. He had issues with 'cats' as environmental destroyers, he's a dog person and he was worried that she'd be a problem anytime we wanted to go away. I talked him around or I probably just said "Tough. She's staying" She adapted to being an indoor cat so easily I was surprised. She was definitely an 'edgy cat' for the first few months. She'd stalk around and never stay still for long. She liked to sit on people but wasn't very relaxed about it. She'd be alert and her tail would swish, but she started to improve after a while. Then Rolf and I got married in July last year and moved in a house in a bushy outer suburb of Sydney, but she is still an indoor cat because there are lots of birds and frogs in the area, and I think it's safer. Just after we got married her behaviour got seriously bad. She was cranky and edgy and developed diarrhea and terrible toilet habits. I was beside myself, but just before we took her off to the vet, it was suggested to me to take her off canned food which I did and she now has a diet of dried food in the morning and raw kangaroo food at night and the difference in her is amazing. She's a different cat. She's gorgeous. Rolf has also come around - he's finding that cats are a lot more interesting than he thought. She talks to him as Siamese do, she plays games, she snuggles up to him and now he can't imagine life without her. He even defends her when she does something naughty and I'm not pleased with her. Although I've had some tough times with her, it's been more rewarding than I can say. And now I better go cos she's sitting right in front of me and tapping my lip with her paw because she wants me to feed her.
Thanks guys. I'm so pleased to be back on the cat-site. I love this forum - every person and every feline is fabulous. I'm looking forward to reading more about the cats n' the hood.
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Welcome back, and I'm very glad Tiki found you because it sounds like she's in the right place now.
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Hello and welcome back ! ..... Congratulations on your marriage ! What a beautiful outcome for Tiki... Im sure she appreciates her loving home now !
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Thank you so much. It's great to be back. I read about Bella just yesterday, and I'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful girl. She's gorgeous. Isn't great that we can all share the sadness but also the wonderful memories of these special family members.
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Welcome and thank you for re-introducing yourself and Tiki! I'm glad she's getting along so well !
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Hi and Welcome Back, to TCS!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Welcome back to TCS! Congrats on your marriage although Tiki (rightfully so, considering her unfortunate past) seems to be fearful of seeing the commitment. I'm glad that you were able to turn life around for her See you in the forums! Susan
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G'day Huffypeg and Tiki! Your family sounds like mine; I was born and raised with rescued cats as well, and currently am servant and doting admirer to 9, all indoor-only and spayed/neutered, of course! Good on ya for sussing out the dietary problem and I'm so glad Tiki is feeling better! Also relieved that your husband has "seen the light" and "gone CAT"! All the best people are cat lovers -- as for the rest, I'd like to feed 'em to the crocs, by crikey! If it wouldn't give 'em indigestion, that is...

Great meeting you and you're the first Aussies I've ever personally met! I am absolutely caved-in at the world's loss of the beloved Croc Hunter, Steve Irwin -- learning every day how great this man really was, and all the things he truly did for animals, including tigers and cheetahs...

Anyway, gotta go now -- bye from the Mojave Desert in California!
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Hello, welcome back
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Hi welcome back to the site!
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Hello and welcome back to TCS!!!

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Welcome back!
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Welcome back! I am glad Tiki has a good home now. I would love to have a Siamese, they are so beautiful.. We would love to see some pics.
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Welcome back

I'm LuLu and have two moggies. One is called Max and the other is called Billy (pictured in my signature)

Happy Posting

*LuLu* x
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Thanks guys! I'm so overwhelmed by such warm welcome. You're all such great people. I love the pics of your babies. Hope i can put one up soon... Hope to bump into you all on the forums.
Tarasgirl - I'm thrilled to be the first Aussie you've met! Likewise I've never met anyone from the Mojave Desert. Sounds exotic! Wow 9 indoor cats! That's amazing. And I bet they feel like they are number 1! I feel really shocked and sad by the loss of Steve Irwin. He was a bright spot in this world, and we can just try and follow his example.
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G'day Huffy and fams!

Good on ya for the nice post! Well, I suppose the Mojave is quite a bit like some of your own beautiful land, sandy, hot, and very beautiful! We don't have gumtrees here, though, or billabongs, roos, or koalas -- what we DO have is joshua trees, yuccas, junipers (we have some of these on "our" land that have to be 200-300 years old! They're ancient and huge), coyotes (our answer to your dingo...), and we do have lots of fair dinkum snakes, lizards, birds, insects, rabbits, rats, mice, kangaroo rats, and other wildlife!
Yes, cats have always been my life -- I was born and raised with 'em, and couldn't do without 'em! -- and "my" 9 are served humbly and happily by yours truly, who waits on them hand and foot. Wouldn't have it any other way!
Yeah, you said it about "our" Steve-O (he's the world's now, but Australia's first, always, right? And more than anything, he's THE ANIMALS'...). I watched the Barbara Walters interview with Mrs. Terri Irwin last night and almost couldn't take it; still bawling now, thinking how hard it must be and how strong they are. The way I see it, some of us get dog doo in our relationships; she got a prince. She said as much, and she was right. We all have a lot to do, carrying on his legacy.
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