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OMG! Fleas?!!

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So I'm really freaking out right now.
I swear I just seen a flea on the couch. I killed it, and proceeded to shut all windows, and plan a full scrubbing of the house.
BUT-I'm not sure it was flea. I don't know what they look like, and have never had a cat with them.
I am a COMPLETE FREAK about bugs in my house, however, I have come to terms with the fact that one or two flies are bound to end up in my house.
I do not let any creepy crawlies in my house, and do everything possible to keep it so.
So-How can I kick this in the butt RIGHT NOW In case it Is fleas?
AND-What do fleas look like.
I'd also like mention that my cats never ever go outside.
Help a sista out here...
I'm going to go bathe now.
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So just said that fleas CAN ONLY live on cats. I told him otherwise, because I've heard sometimes you have to like wash all your sheets and couches..Or is that like a Flea Infestation? Because I definatly don't have that yet. And I won't, because it JUST wont happen. I'll move.
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Hon, relax. It's not the end of the world, it's just possible fleas.
The way to check for fleas is: put your cat on a white sheet or towel and brush it, or just part the fur on a longhaired cat and look at its skin. If there are black spots, it's flea dirt. An even surer test is to put the black spots in some water and see if they turn the water red. Then it is definitely flea dirt.
You will need to boil all bedding and clothing (a hot wash does fine) and if you have carpets, they and the sofas will need a deep clean. Hardwood floors will need an intense vacuum--the eggs could be laid within cracks between the boards. Fleas can certainly live elsewhere than on cats. Unfortunately in this case 'elsewhere' is you.

Bugs come in from outside. That is why even indoor cats need flea treatment (in our area, the Revolution mainly guards against mosquito-borne heartworm.)

Fleas are pretty small. If you saw the bug on the couch, it may have been just a bug. I have small bugs that appear occasionally in the house (they ride in on packages or what not) and Gizmo just eats them.

In any case, moving wouldn't stop an infestation, you'd just take them with you, so the easiest thing to do is clean the house and get Revolution (the best) for the cat to deal with the fleas.
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Well Thank you.
That was an AMAZING reply.
I checked the cats...Nothing..Not even a smidge of this "flea dirt" stuff.
No bugs on either of them...
They both thought they were getting the rub of a LIFETIME!
Purring like crazy.
Anyways-So I think it may have been just a bug. It was small, I was sitting on the couch when I seen it.
I looked up flea pictures, and I can't get a good picture, but the ones I did see looked a tad like the bug I seen. So I can't be sure.
Anyways-I know the petstore around here sells revolution. Is is ok for me to get it there just in case? Or shall I go to the vet?
I haven't seen another one of these bugs yet. But I have off tomarrow for once, and I'm going to just super clean the house. I just hate bugs in my house, I don't so much mind them outside..
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In South Africa, it is pretty impossible not to get a flea infestation at some point on your pets so having 5 dogs and flea's this is the best advice I can give.

To keep your family and pets safe from fleas, here's what you need to know...

Fleas can reproduce rapidly at room temperature, making your home an ideal year-round environment.

Their need for blood
Fleas are generally less than three-sixteenth of an inch long are are parasites and require blood to survive and reproduce. In the absence of a pet, humans become the flea's blood meal.

The threat of disease
Fleas are capable of transmitting disease to both people and pets -- fleas can carry typhus, tapeworms and other diseases.

Fleas go deep within the confines of carpeting, rugs, upholstery and in pet bedding, making their elimination extremely difficult.

Natural protection:
Fleas are naturally protected from pesticides during various states of their life cycle. Most pesticides only kill fleas in their larval and adult stages, leaving the un-hatched eggs and pupae to survive, develop and reproduce.

Flea eggs
They can lay dormant for up to 90 days before hatching

Humans experience small, red itching wounds from flea bites typically around the feet and ankles. Allergic reactions and more serious diseases can occur.

Dark specks on your pet.
Pets experience uncontrollable itching and hair loss. "Salt and pepper" found where the pet has been sleeping is a mixture of flea eggs (white) and dried blood (black).

If you think your environment is infested with fleas, the first step to take is to verify that the pest is actually a flea. This can be accomplished in several ways:

Place white socks over your shoes and pants and inspect to see if any fleas land on the socks as you walk around the area.

Place sticky insect traps throughout the area, especially near the sleeping area of your pet.

Have your pet examined by a veterinarian for the presence of fleas.

Use specially designed flea traps to monitor the area.

Are you using a flea treatment on your cat? Try "spot-on" or a vet recommended flea treatment on your cat which will lower the risk of your kitty getting fleas... even if kitty doesn't go outdoors, you can still bring a flea in on your body/clothing. It's nothing to freak out about but they are irratating little pests that once you have them, they are quite difficult to get rid of!

Hope this helps
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Me and my roommate just discovered we have fleas, so what we are doing, is washing all our clothes, that have even touched the floor, all our bedding, wiping down all furniture that with hot water and vinegar, and shampooing our carpet, along with washing all baseboards with hot water and vingar cause someone said they can live in that area... *this was all suggested to us, and we just like you HATE creatures in our house. It's alot of work but i'd rather be safe than sorry.
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Revolution should be prescribed by a vet since it is assigned by the cat's weight and you don't want to overdose the cat.

Good luck with 'the bug'

oh, another way of telling there are fleas...they jump!
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Originally Posted by gizmocat View Post
Revolution should be prescribed by a vet since it is assigned by the cat's weight and you don't want to overdose the cat.

Good luck with 'the bug'

oh, another way of telling there are fleas...they jump!
It might even be cheaper at the vet's - you could call and ask. Frontline is also quite good.
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