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Funny kitty pics

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This website is really funny: http://www.mycathatesyou.com

Tons of pictures of kitties who are (mostly) caught with quite angry-looking expressions and the captions are really funny.
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How funny - thanks!
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LoL - I could probably dig out some of my cat looking like that. And my grandma's cat, Simon, can look like a demon if he wants to! Cool site.
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I did one of Suki in the window and she looks awful. There's nothing wrong with her but she looks so damned annoyed at me
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Woah, that's what Socks looks like when I try to put her in her carrier!
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This is Sundancer, caught expressing his personality!

Esmeralda (introducing myself)
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Now this one is just NOT right.

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Oh, that poor kitty. That's horrible.
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OMG!!!!!!!!! Do you suppose that picture is real or could it have been doctored??? Surely that poor cat isn't really that big...I've never seen anything like that!!!! That is awful!!!! I feel so bad for it!! How could it even move????
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