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Why is it

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That my animals think that I cannot go to the bathroom by myself. Now Tavia I understand her treats are in there because there is a cabinet that the dogs can't reach and that's where she is fed. But both dogs also follow me in there as if I am going to escape through the drain pipes. And when I tried to leave the bathroom Tavia grabbed at me and meowed for her treats. And of course I had to get them. Also when I came in from work my dad asked how the dogs got their treats out of the cabinet and I said maybe they figured out how to open it cause its one of those that has the glass that you push to open. And he said well the door was closed so I don't know how they did it but they ate a whole bag of treats. Maybe I have a ghost giving my dogs treats.
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WEll, that scary toilet might just swallow you up
And tell the doggies, "Nice work" - not only did they figure out how to open the door, apparently they were smart enough to close it, too
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I've got it worse. My kittens think everybody needs a bathroom escort, even strangers. When they're gently pushed out, they paw and roll against the door until the person comes out.

I don't understand what's so fascinating with the bathroom. There's nothing in there for them and they usually don't go in if the door is open and there's no humans in there.
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The kittens like to watch the water swirl down the toliet when it's flushed. And I thought I was easily amused.

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I also have an escort, just the one mind! who paws and scratches until she's let in, that's if she hasn't overtook me on my way up the stairs already!

If in the event she's outside and I have to let her in, it's straight up on my lap even though i'm sitting on the throne, over into the bath where she lays down and has a nap, if i'm in the bath her brother will sit on the loo seat for the duration, but he stays away while using the loo...he's trying to tell me something
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Wellington and Dushka always come into the bathroom with me - sometimes the others do too. Wellington usually leaps on the toilet seat before I do, and has to inspect it afterwards -Yuk. Last night he jumped int he bath as soon as I had turned the water on, and stayed there, backing up and toeing the water, till he could no longer avoid getting his feet very wet, when he meowed and jumped out. They have to participate, you see.
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When I go to take a bath I have to keep an eye on Macy, the boxer, because she will jump in the tub with you and unfortunately then she tries to scramble out and it doesn't feel so good. And we don't have a bathroom door, the trailor was an abandoned one that dad remodled he just for some reason didn't get around to adding doors on the bathroom. And even if we had doors Macy would tear the door up trying to get in anyway.
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Reilly apparently thinks I'm going to drown when I'm in the tub or shower. She will meow insanly the whole time I am in there.
When I turn on the water she will come from where ever she is like a bat out of hell to make sure meowmy doesn't drown.

Jake will bark at the toilet flushing... no matter who or what time of the day it flushes.
That's how I know if the kids get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Jake will go in hallway and bark at the toilet.

Remember in elementary school when we had bathroom monitors? Thats what we have!
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Boomer lives in the bathroom most of the time, he will accompany guests there and has been known to stand up and peek between their legs to see what they are doing.

If I have a bath he will sit on th edge and try to drink from the bath water or splash me or whatever he feels like doing at the time. If I have a shower he will sit on the toilet seat whining that you have taken his tub sleeping place away
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8-Bit sits on the ledge between the liner and the shower curtin. He's also fallen in and shreadded said liner. Twice. With me in the shower.
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