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Quilts from JC Penney's outlet...Great Deal

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Ok I am posting these Quilts that I got at JC Penney's outlet the first one was in my fur picture thread
king size Quilt, bedskirt, toppers for 5 windows, shams, 4 toss pillows, and a wall hanging right around $100.00...
Just thought someone might like to know where they came from

Here's the wall hanging

Toppers I put them in my bathroom also

The kitty one I just bought seperate King size $20.00

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Is this online or a special outlet in your town? Wow, I LOVE those colors!
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It's an outlet store here in So California through JC Penney's I figured there should be alot of them all over, I don't think the outlet part is online though.
Ours is in an huge Outlet Mall, but beings that it's JC Penney's I would see if there isn't one close to you in Co. I would think there shoud be...
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I LOVE them!!!I wish we had one of those stores around here.
I love the way you have it all set up too.
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I will have to check that out. Those are TOTALLY the colors I would use, because they are the colors of our bedroom and bathroom!
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When you posted your pictures with the cats on that gorgeous quilt! I thought WOW I wish I could find a quilt like that. I love those colors. And the price is unbelievable. And then you had to post the cat quilt... I wish we had a outlet store around here. I doubt we do.
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I found the outlet store online, but it doesn't have the same items for sale...|28898
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I don't think the online outlet is the same, the regular outlet stores are huge and the prices are much cheaper.
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Darn! I just looked at a site that lists the outlet malls by state and their "featured stores" and apparently we don't have a JC Penny Outlet in Colorado. If you want to check in your area, it's
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The one here is the Ontario Mills Mall, there all outlet stores,
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Oh I love those colors!!!!!
There's an outlet about an hour and 1/2 from here, but I cannot get there, any time soon!
If I could............oh....... I WOULD!!!!!
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So I was going to search for the "name" of that pattern. You don't happen to have that, do you?
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No I don't have that but witch one I will go and take a look and see what they have there, I already told someone maybe I could take my camera and take some pictures of the ones they have, they don't alway's have the same ones. Maybe i should go into the shoppers service "Buy it mail it Quilt business" if no one can find them, as soon as I get a minute I 'll go ck it out and see what they have now...
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Well, as we've talked about, I just love the quilts you have!
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