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Hello from Gizmo and I

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Hello to everyone, I have been reading over the last week or so a lot of the threads on this forum - especially 'behaviour' section and I have learned so much. I had 2 kittens years ago in my first home but had to re-home them when I moved back with my parents, they went to a lovely home, but now I realise looking back I left them to be cats and didn't look on them as a family as I was young and not maternal I suppose.

Anyhow, now I have 3 young children 5, 7 & 9 - and a beautiful kitty called Gizmo who is a cross Ragdoll. She is beautiful - I tried to take a few quick shots of her tonight but it is a wee bit dark, I will post better ones over the next few days taken during daylight! Meanwhile :


I hope they are enough to see what a beauty she really is and she knows it !! She has beautiful big blue eyes and is 8 weeks old, she is stripy and was quite dark when she first arrived but now her stripes are becoming silver and dark but she has a dark stripe running down her back still - ooohh shes just lovely.

Also, I read a thread this morning about partner's not liking the cat and I want to share our story - My partner has swore blind for TWO years that he HATES cats - would never have one in the house, he loved to say "if they are the size of a dog they eat you so what does that say about them?" He was the doggiest person you could think of - loves ALL animals but was a doggie. Then.......<dramatic pause> I waited till he was merry on wine and talked him into letting me get a cat on my birthday weekend. So last Wednesday night I arrived home with 'Gizmo' complete with toys, food dishes, bed, litter etc. etc. etc. and he shook his head and said you must have spent hundereds <dramatic pause> I gently laid down the cat carrier (new aswell ) and slowly lifted ickle Gizzy out for the first time. He said - "Well I suppose if I'd seen a wee thing like her I would have brought her home too". This was the cat also that would NEVER EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES be sleeping in our bedroom - only for after 2 hours of petting and meeting her he ventured - "She is a little small - we'll let her in the bedroom for a few nights just till she gets used to the house and the noises" ----- She is still there

Lastly, the next morning I was working 9 - 3, so left little Giz in the kitchen safe with new blanket, new basket, toys, food etc, left house at 8:40 - dropped kids at school, arrived at work and there was an email from him - how was Gizmo when you left her ? What do you think she is doing ? Do you think she is ok ? So I put in for an early finish as he made me paranoid and finished at 12 noon. I emailed him before I left but got no reply which was strange <HUGE dramatic pause> I arrived home at approx 12:20 and THERE HE WAS home from work, decided to take a half day he says "I couldn't stop thinking about the kitten" "but as I was car sharing this morning I had to get 2 buses home" <swoon> if my arm was hanging off he wouldn't get 2 buses home to me but little Miss Gizzy-Whizzy drops in and within 12 hours he's making mad dashes home to check she's ok!!!! Now THAT is a dog person for you.

Hehe she loves her Daddy sooooo much, but she loves Mummy more............but then she loves the 3 munchkins even more than me

Will try some new pics tomorrow
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Hi and welcome to TCS!

I absolutely LOVE your story!!! Can't wait to see more pictures of your Gizmo!!!
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What a great story..See cats can warm anyones HEART!!!
Best of luck looking forward to more pics of your sweet girl!
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Hello and welcome to TCS!!
Can't see your links.

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Hi there we're so happy to welcome you and little Miss Gizzy Whizzy to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions

I can see that she has her position right at the top of the pecking order well and truly sorted!

I tried to look at your photos, but it says that the photos have been moved or deleted - if you need any help with them, feel free to drop me a PM
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and yep, same problem, your photos have been moved or deleted, oh and I was looking forward to seeing them

Your story is just so typical of fellas (sorry guys ) but they swear blind they just hate cats and then............get a fluffy little cutie sat on their knee and BAM gotcha hook line and sinker

Well enjoy the site and when you get some time, pls post some more photos

We love photos here
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Welcome to TCS!! What a great story! Sounds a lot like my DH and Madden!!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Thank You to you all for welcoming Gizzy and I.

Yep her femanine wily feline ways have definately won Daddy lol when he calls her now he'll say 'Gizmo come to Daddy' lol so cute

I didn't feel too confident about the place I was putting pics to be honest so not surprised they haven't held on that site - I will post some more at the weekend in a different way.

Lovely to meet you all.

Gwen & Giz
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Dear Gwen:

Loved reading your story and always! glad to hear of yet another person out there who's finally woken up and smelled the coffee and now is a CAT LOVER...as we all should be...right?!! I tried to see Giz's photos and unfortunately, Photobucket says they've been moved or deleted. I can just imagine how gorgeous she must be, though -- I am servant currently to 9 rescues of just about every conceivable coat color and length, from 16+ to 2 years of age...no human children, and currently going through a divorce and soon a relocation, with my 9 of course! Looking forward to being in forum and seeing photos/posting our own! Best, Tarasgirl06, from the land of sand and cacti
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