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Thursday's DT

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Well I am in a crabby mood today! Hubby is really irritating me lately. Yesterday he took Merlin to the vet for his shots and a grey kitten crawled into the carrier with Merlin and didn't want to leave. The vet's adopt out kittens for the humane society and I really want a grey cat. I feel horrible going there and seeing the kittens and not taking them home. Hubby keeps talking about this kitten until I am at the point of tears because they are having trouble finding him a home. We can't get another cat now as Sugarly gets too stressed with new things. I really want to give this little love a home. Hubby said he was extremely affectionate. URGH!

Well I exercised for 15 minutes on my Gazelle last night - it is a start. I'll keep improving that time depending on my asthma.

I have discovered I am the Bermuda Triangle of Computers. Any computer I touch at work has problems. My work e-mail has been down since 9:30 this morning!

How is your day going!
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Absolutely nothing going on at work today. Sometimes it's nice to have some down time, but it's been like this for the whole week. I do have some projects to work on, but they aren't all that important and are very mind-numbing.

And...just when I thought we were getting this whole financial situation under control, hubby noticed that his car's rear end is so far out of alignment that there is only wear on about 2-3 inches of his rear tires. They are worn really bad, so now we have to get new tires. Of course, since it is a POS Volvo, everything is really expensive. It never ends, I swear!

Ady - I'm sorry you can't adopt the kitten. I do understand that you have to take care of the babies you have now.

I keep seeing this commercial on Headline News that shows all these puppies and kitties in cages, saying "There are thousands of cats and dogs in shelters waiting to be put to death. Their only crime was not being loved. Don't buy your next pet, Adopt." It is a really good commercial, but it almost makes me cry every time. I want to go out and adopt every kitty I can, but since I am still renting there is no way I can have more than two. Gosh, I'm getting all choked up just thinking about that commercial. I'm glad someone is trying to get that message out there, though.
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its one of those days, when Bill and I pass in the driveway. I've had, only 3 day shifts so far this month. If it weren't for days off, I'd NEVER see Bill!

My ring is supposed to be ready, today. I could have picked it up, myself but Bill wants to put it on my finger. He's going to get it, this afternoon. We discussed whether I should wake him up, tonight or having him bring it to the store. He wants me to have it ASAP so, he's coming to the store. He'll be right across the street, at the bank, anyway (its payday). Will try to post a pic, soon.

The cats seem to have gotten over their "catnip attack" and are comatose. Whew! Its been a wild couple of days.
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Hey guys and gals, happy Thursday to each of you.

Its gorgeous weather here, sunny, 70 degrees, and dry. Nice change, its been so humid lately.
I've had a boring day today though, I've got daycare kids here so I'm sorta stuck at home. My kids swam for a bit in the pool, and now they are all playing outside. At least the house stays clean in the summer!!

Have a great day everyone!!
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Nothing much going on here today. I gave blood this morning right after I got in. (around 8am) I ended up being down there for like 2 hours and I got really sick. I got really dizzy and nauseous and I almost threw up. I went to the first aid room and took a nap for 1/2 hour after that, then I felt better. I don't really have anything to do today, except practice my speech for class tonight. Hopefully I will do good and not be too nervous. Tomorrow I only have a half day of work, then I'm off for D.C. on Saturday! I'm so excited! Have a good day everyone! :flower:
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I am rather preoccupied with the trapped miners right now. There is an update on the news now. The mine is in Somerset County, about 10 miles from the 9/11 plane crash site, and about 35 -40 miles from me. Please pray for these men. The rescuers are hearing tapping, so there is still hope, but the shaft in which they are trapped has water in it; the temperature of that water is approximately 50-55 degrees F., so hyperthermia is a threat.
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Hi all!
Ady I['m sorry you can't go back and get the kitten you want so much, but would another cat really stress sugarly THAT bad??? Sorry, I know how you feel. I want another but we have no room. So I am just trying to help you out in some pathetic way..
katl8e I know how you feel about never seeing each other. We work opposites alot and it seems like I see him when he wakes me to leave for work and I see him again when I come him and give him a kiss goodnight.But on the plus side, you can't fight that way.
Spooky, I am jealous! I need a vacation! I'd like to just take some time off and relax. But work cannot function without me I swear so I am stuck. But my mom is coming for a visit in Sept so i can take some time off then.
Today was not to bad. I had a small shift at work, filling in for someone that was sick. 10:30 to 3. not to hard. S/O is sleeping on the bed. He is so tired. He has worked everyday for the last two weeks,opps I forgot, he did have ONE day off in the last two weeks, but still, it is exhausting him. Poor thing. I am glad that he is getting more days off next week cause noone is on vacation. I can't wait. Me? I work 6 days this week and only get 43 hours. prety yucky huh? almost not worth it.I average anywhere between 40 and 45 so I feel cheated this week and I took a day for someone who is sick. oh well, I guess they don't want to pay TOO much OT.
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ok, I give up... I have for the last few days been trying to figure out what the "Thursday (or Wednesday or Tuesday...) DT" means and I can't figure it out.

Someone explain!
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Molly-the Thursday, Wednesday or whatever day thread just means that it is a thread for whatever day of the week it is and people just say what they are doing that day or whats on their mind. I hope that answers your question. DT stands for daily thread.
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Thanks!! I knew it had to be something simple.
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Molly....been there. It puzzled me for a few days before I finally caved in and asked the question! I had guessed Down Time. (not sure if I ever admitted to that):laughing2
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