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When do kittens start liking catnip?

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Just curious; when will my kitten start liking catnip? My vet told me that kittens under five months can't smell / don't react to catnip. Harriett is now five months, but there's still no reaction from her(I'm trying to attract her to her new scratching post). Maybe she just doesn't like it?
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Persi will be five months old tomorrow. So far he has no interest in catnip, but I have read that he will not until he is six months old, if ever, as some cats will never respond to it. Other cats that I have had all loved the stuff, so I am just waiting...
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I wouldn't worry yet Katherine. Mine were around 8 or 9 months old before they got the catnip they are both fanatics and tear apart their catnip toys lol. And that's been the approximate age for my other cats as well.
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Well it depends. If your kitten didn't inherit the proper genes, it won't matter how old it is, it won't be a catnip responder. If it did inherit the necessary genes, then it depends on when your kitten begins to mature sexually...and that can vary from 4 months up to 6 ot 7 (depending on breed or the mix of breeds behind your kitten, as various breeds mature at very different ages).

Keep offering it, and if by the age of 1 you still see no reponse, try one of the catnip alternatives - honeysuckle or valerian.
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My little, petite Saba loves catnip, but only if it's in a sock!
My Sammy is 8, and has no clue.
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My kittens loved catnip from the first time I introduced it at the age of five weeks. I bought the dried plant and put in there sleeping places and they rolled around in really rubbing it in to therir fur.
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Since we both have kittens the same age and since we are both wondering, I researched this and here is what I came up with:

Although most kittens don't react to catnip until they are about 6 months old, I have had fosters that got turned on as early as 6 weeks. Some kitties get sleepy, and others become wired. Your kiteen may experience euphoria for 10 to 15 minutes. Catnip is not chemically addictive like a drug. But like candy, it sure is fun.
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Hmm. My kitty, Peach seems to like catnip, or maybe she just likes the toys.

She was born in May, and she's OBSESSED with these 1 inch glittery puff balls that are filled with catnip. Maybe it's the glitter?

But, she also likes her scratch mat that has catnip inside.
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All I can say is my information on catnip comes from what I've learned from a grower and a person with their Masters degree in the chemical properties of catnip and I trust his research completely. I guess there are a few exceptions to the age rule.

Just thought I'd share what I'd been taught and learned.
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Mosi reacted to catnip from the moment I got him at 14 weeks (and the breeder mentioned he liked catnip toys before then). It seems to depend on the individual cat.
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Abi is catnip immune, still at one year. She does respond to the a honeysuckle spray however.
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Originally Posted by urbantigers View Post
Mosi reacted to catnip from the moment I got him at 14 weeks (and the breeder mentioned he liked catnip toys before then). It seems to depend on the individual cat.

I just wanted to say how gorgeous your kitties are and the colors on your siggy are just perfect for them!

...and now back to the catnip.
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Chynna didn't adopt me until she was about 1 year old but she loved catnip! Abby came to live with us when she was 4 months old and she hadn't had catnip before that, but she absolutely loved it once she got done sneezing, LOL

I don't give them catnip everyday because I don't want them to get so used to it that the playful effect wears off, so I give it to them once or twice a week.

Something funny happened with the catnip tonight. My cats only tolerate one another so when I give them treats I have to give them each a portion separate and away from each other otherwise Chynna will nose in and steal Abby's. Tonight I decided to give them some catnip and put some down on the corner of the rug for Abby and then on the other side of the rug I put some inside the track of one of those plastic circles that has a ball inside that they can bat around inside the circle (Chynna really likes that one).

As I was putting the catnip back into the fridge Abby was following me around so I decided to sprinkle a bit more for her on one of her real fur mice. Well, Chynna waddled up (she's a fat cat) and took over the mouse from Abby (Chynna never plays with the fur mice), so I sprinkled a bit more on a felt catnip mouse for Abby. Less than 10 minutes later I see Abby sitting on the rug looking at me with a less than pleased expression on her face . I then noticed that Chynna had pushed the plastic circle toy to the spot on the rug where I had sprinkled the catnip for Abby, and gathered up the 2 mice and was laying on the rug so Abby couldn't get to her share of the catnip
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Teddy is 9 years old and has ZERO reaction to catnip!

PJ goes nuts for it (and other things, particularly flaked parsley).
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Tink was six months old when she started reacting to it...I think Minnie was about four. The others we got at six months and older, so I can't give an accurate answer for them.
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