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Is she pregnant?...Again?

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My cat had kittens 3 weeks ago. I just got my male cat neutered today and have had him crated at night for these last 3 weeks to keep him away from the mama. Unfortunately, we were traveling about 2 weeks ago and he did have access to her for about 2 ro 3 days. There was nothing I could do to keep them seperate due to the circumstances. I have noticed that she has not lost her "fat" since giving birth and I felt her abdomin today and noticed a small lump. Obviously there would be no way to tell outwardly if she was pregnant and I was wondering if that lump(I didn't check for more) could be a kitten. It was oval shaped and about 1-1 1/2 inches long and about 1/2 inch wide. Is she pregnant again or is is just her intestines or something???Please help.
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Well I do know that it is possible for a mama cat to get pregnant even just a week after delievering so it is possible but I have no idea about the lump.

Just in case she's not, the male and female should be kept apart for a months time following his neuter.

If she is preggers again, that is really unhealthy for the mama. Perhaps you might consider a spay-abort this time because it could really affect the health of the mama cat and the kittens may not be as healthy either.

Some more knowledgable people will probably come a long soon and be more detailed and helpful.

I'm crossing my fingers that she isn't preggers again.
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I think it may be a fatty lump...
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your best bet take her to the vet for a check up, they should be able to give you a better idea so you can decide best for her.
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If you find out she's pregnant again and decide to spay her, it has to be done soon; the later, the more complicated the surgery.

So take her to the vet soon... the kits might as well be checked over too, now that they're old enough to stay warm on their own (so long as you keep them in room temperature or above) while the vet is busy with their mom.
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Well, I'm taking the kittens to the vet when they are a month old so they can get dewormed so I will go ahead and take the mama too.

Originally Posted by Jen View Post
I think it may be a fatty lump...
It is not a fatty lump because it is hard. I was thinking that maybe it was just food in her intestines because of the shape. I felt again today and didn't feel it though. I'm not sure. I'm pretty positive that she wasn't in heat during the couple days that the male had access to her. I kept a close eye on them. Whenever the male went near her she would either ignore him or threaten him(hissing or batting at him) so my hopes are high that she is NOT pregnant.

Also, I would not do an abort/spay because, having just had kittens, I would consider that too much of a risk. Plus, I don't think it's right to abort them.

I am extremely pro-life when it comes to humans!!! the same respect, when it comes to animals, a life is a life, and I do not think that we should be so heartless with them. Would you kill a newborn kitten on purpose??? If not, then why would you kill an unborn one??? What's the difference. Does is suddenly become a kitten after a certain number of days in the womb or what? A kitten is a kitten, born or unborn, in the womb or out. (Same argument goes for babies. A baby is a baby, in the wobm or out.Don't get me started on abortion with humans though because I will get all fired up and won't stop. Plus, I don't want to start an arguement.)

I understand that if she WERE pregnant that it would be a threat to the mama's life, but I am willing to take that chance because, even though it is dangerous, cats give birth all the time under similar and sometimes even worse circumstances and still manage to survive.

Anyways....on that subject, that's all I have to say and will say so please do not post telling me how bad it is to let a cat get pregnant that early after giving birth and how I ought to get an abortion if she IS pregnant. I don't want to start this into an argument. I'm just wanting to find out if my cat could possibly be pregnant and if there are any ways that I could tell.
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Other than taking her to the vet, there really isn't any other way to tell this early on if she is pregnant.
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Torbiebabe.....yes, she could certain be pregnant again....OR she could be full of worms....both can lead to a hard belly. Best to have her checked by a vet.

I'm not goint to try to change your opinion...but do consider this: comparing human abortion to cat abortion is not truly apples to apples. Humans are not under threat of being euthanized. You may want to check into that euthanasia stats for your state.

Would you prefer a cat to die that has taken it's first breathe already or one that has not yet been born?? Some would argue that for every kitten born, a kitten or a cat in a shelter does not have a chance at a even if you personally do not agree with spay/abort...I would hope you would recognize that the issues aren't the same as with humans.

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You do have a good, strong point, but I stand firm on my beliefs.
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Originally Posted by TortieBaby View Post
You do have a good, strong point, but I stand firm on my beliefs.
That's fine....I would certainly take her to the vet to confirm the pregnancy..and I would keep her and your male seperated from this point forward until a month has past since his neuter.

Once all your cats are may want to consider fostering for a shelter or rescue group. That way, you can help save a pregnant cat or orphaned kittens by keeping them until they can be placed into homes. Just something to consider for the future.

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Don't worry. The male is now in a crate all day. I let him out a few times a day to streach his legs and use the litter box, but I watch him the whole time.

Also, I would love to foster pregnant cats and kittens but my hubby won't let me. I actually wanted to do child fostering(especially teens) but my husband didn't want to do that either. *sigh* Some day my hubby will change his heart. I just like to help.
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my mamma cat had kitten's 5 week's ago the other day i felt a long hard lump in side her and was worried that it may have been a dead kitten ( she had problem's last time) she went to the litter box passed a very large deposit lol and it went no more lump it really worried me at the time though
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I was only making a suggestion and I would not pressure someone into some they were uncomfortable with.

I used to not like the idea of spay-aborts either, but a thread in the IMO section really opened my eyes on the matter.

Anyways, let us know either way what you find out.
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I am glad you're seeking out advice on TCS! Hopefully we will be able to help you a bit. Due to the circumstances, I would definitely take her to the vet this comming week and have her examined. There is no way that any one of us would be able to give you a pregnancy diagnosis over the internet. I would highly recommend taking her to the vet as soon as possible to rule out a could just be a case of worms, coccidia, or a number of other things..then again, she could be pregnant. Whatever the circumstances, she does need to be examined by a vet...especially since she recently had kittens. How old are the kittens? Are they still nursing? Please feel free to pm me with any questions you may have. I'd be more than happy to try and help you
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LOL!!! That's probably what happened with my cat then. Like I said earlier, they were only together 3 days and she was not interested in him so I don't think they would have mated, but I just wanted to make sure. Thanks.
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Sorry, that other reply was in response to an earlier one.

Anyways, the kittens are 3 weeks old. I took her to the vet about 4 days after the kittens were born to get her checked out and dewormed. I also defleas her that same day. Sooo...I don't think she has worms. Next week I will start her on an at-home dewormer that I got at walmart. When the kittens are a month old I will be taking them in to get them dewormed and checked out so maybe I will set up an appointment for the mama and the same time too. I'll probably be taking them next week.
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Hi, please dont use a dewormer from Walmart, supermarket treatments are ineffective and can be dangerous. And cats dont have to be in heat to get pregnant.
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Wow, thanks for telling me that, I didn't know. I've only used it once on 2 of my cats. I won't use it any more.
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I agree with not using over the counter wormers, especially with a nursing (and possibly pregnant) queen!

Kitties are induced ovulators, so it is very possible she is pregnant. Wow...with a litter 6 months ago, and another litter 3 weeks ago, and possible one on the way, you have really had your hands full! I'm glad Estrella and the male got spayed and neutered. I hope Bestia is not preggers, so she can go to be spayed when her kittens wean!
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Yeah, I hope she's not pregnant either! I don't need any more cats. I didn't want my other female to get pregnant 6 months ago but 1)we could barely pay our bills and didn't have $100 sitting around to get her spayed and vaccined and 2)she was only 4 months old and I thought that you shouldn't spay them that young and that they couldn't get pregnant til they were at least 6-7 months old. Anyways, what's done is done.
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So do you know if she's preggers or not yet?
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wow ya it definetly seems like you have you hands full, we can only hope for the best... its hard to find homes for all thouse lovely little children. ^.^
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If you cannot afford the care of your cats, please consider contacting the Humane Society about the resources in your community. A Humane Society or another animal organization may give you a spay/neuter discount or connect you to a vet that would give you a discount. There probably are organizations in your area that will you help you get your cats discounted vaccinations also

*In Loving Memory of the 2 day kitty
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I haven't taken her to the vet yet because my hubby and I had to go out of town for a few days. During the time we were gone, however, 2 of our other cats got sick, I guess a kitty cold or something, and now I have to take them to the vet too.

How soon can a vet tell if a cat is pregnant? I don't want to take her is they can't tell yet. It's been about 3 weeks since the time she would have gotten pregnant. Is that too early. Should I just wait and see if she plumps? I mean, if she's preggers than there is nothing I can do about it anyways because I won't abort them or anything so the only reason to take her to the vet is to see if she IS or ISN'T pregnant, right? What do you think?
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They can tell now if she's pregnant. Please take her in as soon as your able to to see if she's pregnant or not
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