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Shelter/Rescue Documentary

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I'm in video production and have been wanting to make a documentary about what really goes on in shelters and rescues "behind the scenes" and then distribute them to middle schools around the country. People need to know what goes on when they bring their cat in because "we're moving and can't take him", "My child developed allergies", etc, etc.

Since I have worked in a shelter, and plan to again once I move, I know what goes on and what needs to be filmed.

Can anyone point me in a direction so I can have the highest impact?
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I'm not in the business, so I don't have any practical advice, but I do watch Free Speech TV (FSTV) on satellite TV (cable is so monitored that they don't show FSTV) and they will air just about any documentary if you can prove that it is factual. perhaps you could tune in and see if you get any ideas. Also, you can contact them at their website & they might be able to give you some pointers. The network is esp. geared towards human and animal rights and I think that such a video would be warmly received both by FSTV and its audience. I applaud you for wanting to tell the truth - it's high time that companion animals were given more status in our society! When a society is kind to its animals and the most vulnerable of the human population, it is better for all involved.
You could do this project as a tribute to Oliver
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