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treasure hunt

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Hey all u cat lovers!!!

Could someone please tell me why my mamma cat keeps moving her kittens to different spots.

She had them in my room, on my bed. I moved them on the floor beside the bed, in a blanket, and they seemed quite happy. Two days later, she put them all upstairs. I had to put them back in my room cause I have 2 labs.

Now they are all in a drawer in my dresser, but she is still looking for a different place to put them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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Cats move their kittens for a number of reasons, all to do with how they see safety. They do not want to be anywhere draughty or noisy, and like dark enclosed spaces normally. A drawer is a common place to find kittens. But also a momcat has hte instinct to move them when they are very young, as soon as the nest starts to smell, so that predators will not find them. So let her find her 'safe' place and make sure that you change the bedding regularly and the chances of her trying to move them again wil be less.
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the other thing witch is good is keep her in just 1 room least this way u will alway's know where they are and it stop's any chance of mamma cat getting out side and falling pregnant again i think i was lucky as lilly didn't move her kitten's once but at the same time she was never very protetvie over her kitten's anyway
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Thanks very much for the info Jenny, it was quite helpful

neessee, olive, and babies
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