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Another Smudge update

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Quick background: I brought Smudge home last week as a foster aged 4/5 weeks and weighing 13 ounces. She was very straggly and thin, and very unhealthy looking but had spunk.

Took her for a check up back at the shelter on Monday and she didn't look any better and she's lost an ounce!! They said she may have a congenital digestive problem which is stopping her digesting food properly, and if that's the case, probably wouldn't live. I went home very upset, and bought her much better quality tinned food, and started giving her my own mush with tinned food, dry food, baby food, Pedialyte, KMR, a high calorie kitten supplement and also some Bene-Bac mixed in. I mixed up a batch and heated it and gave it to her 3 times a day as well as KMR mixed with Pedialyte to try and get her fluids up as she was quite dehydrated.

She also got fluids and dewormed while she was at the shelter on Monday.

I took her back today, and she's put on 3 OUNCES IN 3 DAYS!!!! WOOHOOO!!!!! So she's now 15 ounces. They said she looks fantastic, had a good feel of her, and said her back especially already felt sooo much less bony, she had a good sized belly now, her eyes looked heaps better, and she generally looks like a healthy kitten (albeit a small one!).

She definitely seems a lot better - she's soooo playful now. She bounces around everywhere, loves to play with us, and yells at me if I'm a bit late feeding her in the mornings

She's just had a feed, and is quiet, so is probably napping at the moment. When she's awake I'll take some more photos so you can have a before and after photo and see how much she's changed in a week!
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Thank you for making me smile! I'll keep praying for Smudge, and you keep being her wonderful foster Meowmy okay?
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What wonderful news! I can barely wait to see more pictures. I think we are all in love with your Smudge and hoping she just keeps getting better and better. With all the love and care you are giving her, how can she not get better.
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Thats great news! Keep getting better little Smudge. I'm looking forward to more pictures. You've done such a wonderful job with her.
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Ah, the secret formula is working!! it does sound like a good one - i'm sure that it will be used by others who read this post. I am so glad that Smudge is thriving
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I'll keep you and Smudge in my thoughts and prayers! I'm glad to hear that she's gaining.
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It's been a bad day, but news of Smudge feeling better and gaining weight made me smile. Can't wait to see the before and after pics. Such a little cutie...
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I'm so happy that little baby Smudge is gaining weight and getting healthy!! She is such a little doll-baby!
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I bet she has a forever home already. I am glad she is doing so much better.
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Wow! That is SO cool! Not everyone is cut out to be a foster Meowmy, but I believe we have a winner!!! I can't wait to see the other kittens you rescue after Smudge! (Like the name, btw)
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Thanks for all of your kind words and of course - the good vibes!! We were out all day today, and I didn't want to leave her all day, so she's having a sleepover at a friends place (last night and tonight) and we'll collect her again tomorrow.

Needless to say I've been a worried mother all day and have had to force myself not to call eveyr 5 minutes....
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I am so happy!!
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Update: The little rascal has been very hyperactive when I've been getting home and taking her out of her cage (she's in a cage while we're at work, away about 8 hours), and she's been finding her litter tray fine when out of the cage, and gets on fine with the other 2 girls, so I figured I'd let her stay out today while we were at work.

So... I got home, and Stumpy greeted me at the door, but no sign of Smudge. I came upstairs, and Lily and Smudge were sitting together at the top of the stairs

She's definitely done at least a poo in her upstairs litter tray (I had one upstairs in the doorway to the bedroom her cage is in, and a litter tray for her downstairs in the middle of the lounge room), and I can't find any accidents anywhere around the house, so I think it's a success!!

She's currently crawling over me, purring and licking the sweat off my chest (I cycled into work and back today)
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Aw, Smudge is a big girl now and can hang out with the other BIG cats all day long. I bet you're so proud! (I am.... )
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I'm incredibly proud!! I sat on the couch to do some study, and she came and crawled over me, and snuggled and nuzzled into my neck purring away, then curled up on my shoulder and fell asleep

My husband came home, and as soon as he touched her, her little motor turned on at full strength

Such a sweetheart!
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