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Thinking of adopting...

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Ever since Tiggy died (see this post http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=98327), we have been wondering if we want another cat. Gemma's already had to put up with Chloe's death, Tiggy's coming, Tiggy's death, and now, should we put her through another kitten? Besides, I feel guilty about even wanting another cat. Do you think Tiggy and Chloe would hate me for it? It's been two weeks, almost. Do you think it's way too soon?
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I think everything happens for a reason, and that when you meet the next little kitty (or big kitty) that steals your heart, the time will be right for all of you. Love can heal, and it sounds to me like you have plenty to give. Why should that be a bad thing?

I think that Tiggy and Chloe will keep loving you no matter what.
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Thank you so much.
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Too soon to save another life? to be the answer to a rescuer's prayer? NO, I feel that if your heart is willing, then go for it. There are plenty of great threads here about introducing new cats and if all else fails, just PM Hissy - she has the most incredible insight to cats
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Only you can decide when it's the right time for another kitty. It's different for everyone.
I'm sure Tiggy and Chloe will be happy for you getting a new kitty to love.
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Only you will know if it's time to get another cat or not. But as stated before think of rescuing another baby and the love he or she will give you. We waited two days before adopting Max & Sarah after Sam's & Patrick's death Rest in Peace, babies but we were so sad and lonely without the little paws running around. Sarah & Max have helped so much with our loss.
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You'd be silly to think your little furbabies would hate you for replacing them! They are probably looking down from Kitty Heaven praying you'll save another little kitty's life!

Just do it! You won't regret it!
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Like other posts, I think you´ll know when you are ready for another kitty.

Dont worry about Tigy & Chloe, they are already checking out furbabies for you right now.

When you look into the eyes of that kitty you will know, thats the one Tiggy & Chloe picked for you
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Good luck My friend!
my prayers and my thoughts for you, and for your intentions of adoption will be a lovely reality!
Keep us up-dated about it!
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Loosing a beloved kitty is hard on you & the other kitties in your home. Like others have already said, only you can know when it is a good time to add to the family again. Have you considered adopting an older cat instead of a kitten?
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Dear Fluff:

I always adopt a cat when one of mine goes over the Bridge. All of "my" cats are rescues, and I know they would want me to rescue and give a loving home to another after they have to leave me. It's the best tribute I can imagine, giving love and a good life to another cat! My deepest condolences to you on your losses of Tiggy and Chloe; as a lifelong catlover, I know all too well how awful it feels. Right now "my" 9, ranging in age from Nikki at 16+ to Suha at just 2, all indoor-only and spayed/neutered of course!, are the sunshine in my life. Since moving here we have lost five of our beloved cats (to cancer, kidney failure, heart failure, and an aneurism, I think) and it is very hard to deal with the losses; but having a big, healthy, beloved feline family to care for keeps me going every day! So no, I DON'T think it's too soon, or that it would be wrong or resented or anything except positive. Every time we save a life, it's a miracle!
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