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Musical tastes

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I was just wondering what kind of music everyone enjoys, and what song you overplay recently?

My tastes goes from one extreme to another, I have Frank Sinatra to kaiser chiefs, Queen,feeder, the ordinary boys, Wham, Lional Ritchie, Stevie wonder, The Jam, Oasis, Kelly clarkson yadda yadda..I love 60's, 70's, 80's, motown, Mr Presley, reggae(commercial and old school) ..I just love so many styles, and so many different artists i'd be here all night typing to name them all....so do you like one type of music, or are you a 'if it sounds good I like it kinda person'

And my overplayed song at the moment is 'I don't feel like dancin' - scissor sisters...which ironically makes me want to dance!
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Hmm.. genres are confusing, so I'll just list some of the bands/artists I like: ABBA, Pink Floyd, Ozark Mountain Daredevils, ABC, Bright Eyes, The Cardigans, Radiohead, Deep Purple, Echo and the Bunnymen, Nirvana, Elliott Smith, Less Than Jake, KMFDM, Matthew Good Band, Nik Kershaw, WHAM!, Jefferson Airplane.. I'll listen to mostly everything except rap.

ETA: My most overplayed song right now is Dancing Queen by ABBA.
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My favourite band is Kiss. I'm also in to AC/DC. Poison, Oasis, Aerosmith, Cinderella,Old style Motown, some BonJovi, and Santana. I also like the big band sound of the 30's and 40's, like Glen Miller and Benny Goodman.
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I'm a 70's disco queen I have a 2 cd set of KC and the Sunshine band!!
In the BMG lawsuit settlement I got to choose 3 CDs. My choices: Elvis Presley Jukehot hits, John Mayer Heavier Things and a Los Lonely boys CD!!
Actually I have lots of 60's era Jazz, Baroque era classical music and several CD's of chants and medival music. And madonna's and Mariah Carey's latest.
So I'm all over the map!!!

I have a couple of overplayed Abba CD'sbut my most overplayed is Donna Summer's greatest his!! (a good treadmill CD!!)
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I pretty much like anything except really hard hard rock and rap. Right now I'm really into Michael Buble. I love "I'm Feeling Good". I think thats the name of it. Anyways I blast it like crazy and sing like a maniac any time I'm feeling down. It always make's me feel happy again. So Ive been listening to it over and over and over.
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