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Birthing places..

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ok, so my plan was to each have a extra large dog kennel for each queen for when they have their kittens, but Mittens hates it. She hisses at it and just hates to even be confined to one room. What should I do because I can't just let her have them where ever because of other cats and small children.
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Does she usually sleep in one spot around the house??? If so, try putting a towel there. Make sure she lays on it. Then, around birthing time, make her a birthing box(cardboard) and put that towel in it. It ought to make her feel more comfortable in the box because it will already have her scent all over it.
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Also, was the kennel a used one?? If so then she probably smells the dog in it and that's why she hates it. Try spraying it all over with Nature's Miracle to help get rid of the dog smell.
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yea the kennel was my dog Gracie's kennel when she was a pup. We've washed it down and everything, so I thought it would be ok. I will have to wash it down again.

She has a few spots she likes to stay on so that is great idea. Thanks!
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Can't hurt to try.

If you can find it though, you should try some Nature's Miracle spray. You can get a bottle at the pet store for about $6-7 and it lasts a long time. It works great too! It will get rid of any smells that your cat can smell and that soap and water can't get rid of.
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Well, I'm going to go look for this stuff today. She's the one that really needs to be kept in one spot when her babies come because she's got an unknown background. I don't know if she's had kittens before or how she'll react with the other cats or my son (plus I want to keep them safe, because she's going to have more kittens than Misty).

By my dates, Mittens is due on the 26th, so kittens should be arriving in a week.
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Oh boy! I hope she has all of her kittens without any complications! That's always the best. If you find the spray then just take the cage outside and spray it COMPLETELY until it's almost dripping. That will help to ensure that you get every inch of the cage cover. Let it sit for a minute and then dry it completely.
I say to do it outside because the spray has a slight alcohol smell that may get kind of annoying if done indoors. Don't worry, the smell will go away as soon as it dries. I hope this works for your baby so she can have her kittens in there and not get stressed. You can still do the towel trick too and put those towels in the cage to make her even more comfy.
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