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The subtlety of cats

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This morning Harriet decided she was hungry at about 7:30. I had stayed up until about 1 the night before so getting up and feeding her majesty when she was demanding wasn't my first priority.

She saw my eyes open and immediately began screaming at me. (This cat's meow sounds like she's been smoking for 30 years). I couldn't help but giggle as I was immediately reminded of Eric Cartman screeching for his beloved cheesy poofs. I reached out and pet her, hoping to soothe the savage beast. She screamed some more and turned up her purr motor to hyper-purr, wherein she kind of gurgles sometimes.

Then, she gets down from the bed and goes and stares at her food bowl, in case I'm an idiot and can't figure out what fatty wants. I continue to ignore her. I'm not giving in to some cat who thinks she's owns the universe, ya know! After a couple of minutes of "subtley" staring at the bowl, then at me, then at the bowl, she gave up and crawled her fat hiney up onto my chest and laid down and just stared at me, occasionally screeching at me, or batting me with her paw.

So, after about ten minutes of that she finally walks off of me (Ah! I can breath again!) and goes and pouts on one of my pillows.

I am awake now, despite my best efforts to ignore the bad kitty and get up and feed fatty.

She won.

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They are persistent, aren't they? I'm lucky in that they get hubby moving before I get tired of it.
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We always give in.

Indie is the polite cat, he'll sit there gently mewing here and there hoping in time he'll wake me. Minx on the otherhand has no manners! she'll mew loudly, getting louder and louder, then she'll walk all over you (note: if on back you will get sore breasts if female!) if the walking don't work she'll start scraping and biting my hair...and if all that fails she's scratch her claws on something she knows she shouldn't, that's the point she knows I'm up like a shot
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that was so funny the way you told it ........
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Harriet is a cat who knows how to get things done
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The cat always wins lol
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And I know she had to be thinking how dare she sleep when its time for my breakfast.
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I had Fred for 18 years, and never won the sleeping in instead of feeding the cats dilemna. He would teach the other cats to harrass me, and they would take turns. I awoke one morning and caught Fred teaching Georgia to steal my earplugs from my ears so they could screech into them more effectively. If all else failed, one of them would hook a claw in my eyebrow ring. I had to switch to barbells.
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Originally Posted by Fats McGee View Post
She won.
And she didn't even have to step on your bladder to get you out of bed? You are weak Paige!!

(mine HAVE learned that by stepping on your bladder, I will immediately rise and go into the bathroom, where their food bowls await on the counter. They also know that I will fill those bowls as I walk back to bed)

Too funny!!
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Of course, the Olympic Bladder Dive from the top of the kitty tree is always a lovely way to wake up if all else fails. I gotta move the kitty tree away form the bed!
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8-Bit skips all the blatter diving and such and just goes for the paw to the face with claws slightly extended. It always freaks me out because I'm worried that he'll claw my face.
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Much and Carly know the Bladder Dance. It is a slow kneading of my husband's bladder and gets him up every time.
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You all must remember that Harriet is a 20-pounder. Her laying on your chest severly limits your ability to breathe. She gets up like a torturer lays off shoving bamboo under your fingernails (LOST, anyone?) to give you time to think about giving in.

She is a sneaky one.
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Originally Posted by Fats McGee View Post
(This cat's meow sounds like she's been smoking for 30 years). I couldn't help but giggle as I was immediately reminded of Eric Cartman screeching for his beloved cheesy poofs.
Our kitties sure know how to get our attention Paige.
When my little Sadie gets going....
she has a meow like fingernails down a blackboard.
I think that if she really tried, she could shatter glass.
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My boys jump onto the bed and then onto their kitty window shelves and back onto the bed and onto the floor where they repeat their performance till I geet up and feed them - especially Ben!

They do this 2 or 3 times each morning from 2 am on!
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My boy will just sit on my pillow and paw at my nose until I wake up, eventually. Then being the silly bug he is he'll leap off the bed, race downstairs and meow until someone goes downstairs, preferably me.
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