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New arrival

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Well after a long time of pouting my fiance has agreed we can have a kitten playmate for Corky

On the condition that I am responsible for the litter trays, feeding and vet bills, which as I do anyway isn't a big problem, I even managed to get him to agree to cleaning out the fish instead of me which is my least favourite pet job.

We have already decided on the one we want - a all black fluffy girl, who was about to be given to the rspca but we managed to stop the owner just in time.

All I need now is some suggestions on names, my fiance likes Batfink (thats not going to happen) and I quite like the name Scrummy

*bounces off to count down the days untill the arrival*

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I, usually, name for personality traits and, sometimes a physical feature. Best to spend a few days with the kitty and then figure out a name.
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I personally like mythological names!
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I have an all black female named Sheba...I always liked that name.
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.......and congratualations on the new arrival!
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Pictures please!

I am so jealous of your new addition to the family
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Great, Wibble! How old is the new baby? I like to name them when I learn their personality too! I love black cats!
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She's going to be about 10 weeks old when we collect her tommorow, and unfortuantly I can't do pictures as I haven't got a ditigal camera and the only person I know with a scanner is my friend from my old home : (

I am just hoping it cools down by tommorow as It's very humid here at the moment and I am running out of space for ivecubes for myself and Corky's drinking water. Thankfully my friend is going to collect her and he has air conditioning in his car unlike my old banger
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Wibble - have you got her yet?

What about naming her after something/somebody you like.

Actresses/singers/places/songs/food/drinks/mythology/book characters - anything really.

I named Baliero after an old, old French song called Bailero (slight amendment in the spelling). Firenza is named after my favourite city, Florence, and Ferdinand is named after Ferdinand Porsche (hubbs chose that one . . .)

BTW - Where in Brum are yow? I spent 2 happy years at Stourbridge College of Art . . .
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Yes I have got her

And we have got a name for her, which does suit her ... Jinxy. She is very cute (but I think all cats are cute) and friendly, and clever enough to work out were her litter tray is with only a little bit of help, thankfully no-one had to see me scratching my hands in (clean!) litter as engouragment.

Life is a little bit stressful at the moment as I am following the advice on these boards and keeping them in seperate rooms and switching daily, the problem I have is neither of them like being alone when I am in the other room and start to cry. But I have a few days off work and then my fiance has some time off as well - fingers crossed it will all go well.

As for where I live in brum, I live just outside brum itself in a place called Lichfield. I dont actually know the area to well as I only moved here in Christmas - I am a Leicester girl really, despite the beginnings of a slight Brummy accent
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Jinxy is a lovely name. I'll keep my fingers crossed everything settles down for you and the kitties soon.

The picture of you on your hands and knees scratching around in a litter tray made me smile though . . .
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Hi Marie,
perhaps you know my favourite book when I was a child.It was King of the Wind by Marguerite Henry.The wonderful cat in that book was named Grimalkin .What about Galahad which I like too.Well , as soon as the cat´s at your home a name will come to your mind. Don´t worry.all the best Elisabeth
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I like the name you chose. She sounds like a real sweety. I'm sure things will calm down once they both realize that the other is permanent, too, and that there is plenty of lovings for both of them.
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I like the name! It's cute. Oh, how envious we all are that you have a baby. Enjoy the fun!
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