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Food Problems

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well here goes a short verison of my problem:

my cat use and still eating dry food. one day i went to my vet to check my cat to get him nurtered well my vet told me to start giving him wet food. So i started to give him wet food. at first he didn;t like it he would never eat it i tried to take his dry food away for a day but he wouldn't move to the wet food so i gave him his food back. well one day i played with him til he got tired and worn out then gave him his food (wetfood). it was a merical and he ate it alll up like he like it well he started eatting his wet food for a while now left his dry food.......

it was a couple of weeks ago hen i brought more dry food cuz he not a kitty no more he a adult so i had to get ride ofmy old dry food and brought more dry food for adult....(the old food i gave to the cats thagt was in the streets so the food wouldn't go ot waste)..... and i brought my caat mroe wet food...... i don't know what happen but he stop eating his wet food and went back to the dry food......

he just ignors the wet food and makes it go to waste like when u leave wet food out for more then 2 days or so it dries up and it no good.........

i tried taken his food away again to see if he will eat his wet food and no nothing he won't eat it i don't cuz i brought a differen brand of dry food then befor ethat he like it......

the other brand was nutro max for kitties and the new dry good is nutro choice gourmant for adult ... and the wet fod is nutro max for adults ..... all the food is the same brand but i don't know what is up :-\\ a little confused

Please Help on what can be wrong i don't want my cat to only eat dry food cuz i don't want him to have a urinary problem as for what my vet told me and the only reason i went to wet food.
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Try mixing just a bit of the wet food in with the dry, then increase the amount of wet slowly over a 2 week period until the mixture is all wet.
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its really not a good idea to leave the wet food sitting out for 2 days, it goes bad long before it dries up like you described and you could make your cat sick. you should only leave it out a few hours at the most i think.
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And it's not a good idea to get dry food wet if it's going to be sitting out for a while because it causes a buildup of bacteria.

I often end up having to throw wet food that my cats will not eat down the garbage disposal and it's very frustrating. You might have to try different kinds of wet with different textures and flavors. Try Fancy Feast, you can always switch to a higher quality wet food later. Feed smaller quantites and let your cat get significantly hungry, then put down the wet food first and then the dry food.

I can't change my cats. I have a cat that loves wet food and one that prefers dry food. I offer my cats wet food twice a day and give limited amounts of dry food but I feed the wet food first. Usually what happens is my wet food kitty eats most of it and my dry food kitty eats just a small amount of it. On weekends I have more success because I'm not in a hurry to go to work so I can leave the wet food out longer, for a few hours in the morning and then my dry food kitty eats more of it because he doesn't have anything else to eat(You see that's the secret, but you can't starve them either). But after 3 hours at the most, it's time to throw the rancid stuff away if it's not gone.
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Try the tips on this website:

It's definatley possible to get your cat eating his wet food, but cats are stubborn Keep persisting. That website has been very helpful to many other people I've reccomended it to.
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Try different textures and flavors of various brands...
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thanxs for the reply i will try all the tips you people gave me.... and i don't leeave the the wet food more then a day in the open after that i throw it away since it old and dried up
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